Friday, June 17, 2016

This Week's Shopping Trips

When it comes to this week some things were frustrating (the garden and kids primarily), but shopping?  That went AWESOME!

I went to Fred Meyer and Carrs this week.

First I went to Fred Meyer yesterday.  Sadly, I didn't find any discounted produce worth buying, but I did get some peaches for 1.99 lb and used a 2.00 off your purchase of 10.00 or more produce coupon I had gotten in the mail with my last Rewards Rebate.  I got about six pounds of nectarines to can, hopefully this weekend.  I also got a watermelon (on sale for 2.50) and a plum for my daughter (she didn't remember what they tasted like and wanted to try one).  The best find though was when I went to the pet isle to get my usual four cans of catfood for the next week or so (which normally costs me about 2.40 for four cans mind you).

I found cans of cat food.  On reduced.  For .15 a can!!!!  That worked out to be 3.60 per 24 cans of cat food.  I had some .50/10 coupons for Friskies, so that made them 2.60 per case (and I had a .50/10 coupon loaded on my card that came off too so that made it cheaper yet!).  I got nearly 3 cases full of the different kinds of cat food and I'm hoping to go back over the weekend to see if they have any more.  Getting cat food that cheap will save me a LOT of money in the long run and it's actually a relief to have.  When money gets depressingly tight I have a hard time shelling out 2.00 for the cats for wet catfood.

They also had big bags of Meow Mix on reduced for 8.63 per bag, so I grabbed one and used a 1.00/1 coupon I had to get it cheaper yet.  A big bag like that should last us about three months or so, so it was a relief to get that ahead.

All totaled I spent 26.40 at Fred Meyer after coupons and discounts were applied.

I then went to Carrs and grabbed 4 boxes of pasta (.89 each with in-ad coupon this week, limit of four), 2 bags of sugar (2.49 per 4 lb bag with in-ad coupon.  I grabbed 2.) and a bulk bag of rice on reduced because of a slightly torn bag  (7.99 for 20 lbs of the store brand medium grain rice, which is our favorite type). 

So, all totaled between the two stores I spent a total of 42.04 on groceries AND I managed to stock up on cat food and rice (course I still need to get milk for the week).  I even have grocery monies left in my envelope from previous weeks when I was under in case I run into produce I want to buy.  I'm happy!

How did you do this week?


  1. I'm so glad you were able to stock up on those cans of cat food and the rice, Erika! Both will come in very handy, and allow you to use future grocery money on other sale items.

    I wish I could say that I've had a great shopping week. Alas, I had a frugal fail instead. I had a long list of items I needed at Costco, some of which are items I don't normally buy (like polysporin cream). Anyways, when I went to ply, the total was just under $200! Ouch!!! Oh well, we're stocked up again, hopefully for a while on those items.

    I'm going today to buy some flats of strawberries at the farmers market(hopefully they have them). That's another high expense, but I only buy them once a year. I'm going to take your advice and freeze them to make the jam later when the kitchen is done being painted and the heat wave is over.

    1. It's been so hot (not so much this weekend, though, so yay!) I've been freezing everything to make into other things later. It's better than making the house intolerably hot :).

  2. You really did well. Glad you got the great bargain on the rice and catfood. This was a produce week as the garden hasn't really started producing yet. We had a late frost here and lots of rain so nothing got planted until the end of May. Stopped at 3 stores (all in close proximity of each other). Stayed under budget which was great. I checked and saw I hadn't been to the store since May 19th. Awhile back I invested in those green bags and they sure have kept my produce fresh for weeks.

    Best deals for me were at Aldi's. 3 zucchini, pound of asparagus, scallions, 1 box baby bella mushrooms, 3 portabello mushrooms, lettuce, celery, 2 huge butternut squashes, 3 cucumbers, 2 avocados, 1 lb. shredded cheddar cheese, 2 dozen eggs, 4 lbs onions (I hope to make and can onion soup this week), strawberries, a couple of restock cans of carrots and beets, 2 lbs carrots -- I think that was everything there - $35 total. Walmart - Fresh garlic, fresh ginger, broccoli slaw $3.81.
    The particular Giant I stopped at was having a 1 day sale on chicken breast so I got some for $8.00. Total $46.81. Dorothy

    1. Wow!!! Makes me REALLY wish we had an Aldi up here. Just the produce would cost a LOT more than your entire shopping bill :).

  3. You did GREAT this week. Such wonderful deals! It is fun to watch how you are getting ahead on everything. It gives me such a feeling of safety when I know I have plenty of food in the cabinets.
    I have been fighting bugs in my garden also. A quick cheap solution for them is to put a spoonful of Joy brand dish washing liquid into a spray bottle and then spray everything. Get the leaves on top, underneath and the ground all around. Do this two or three times a day and it will help. It is not as good as real poison but at least you don't have to worry about cancer. I usually just leave the spray bottle in the garden and spray every time I walk by.
    We got some rain a few days ago and it helped a little but when the temps are in the upper 90's, it is just so rough on everything. The okra and peppers are thriving in the heat but everything else is just sitting and existing...kind of like me. Hmmmm.

  4. I'm behind on my blog reading this week, but what an amazing deal on cat food!! That must be such a relief.

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