Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Monthly Goals: May, 2021

So, five months into the year and I'm finally starting to get my blogging back in gear.  Five months...not too bad (or not...har).  Anyway, moving on...

First, an update on yearly goals, just because I haven't done one of those yet (or monthly goals at all this year so far, apparently as I look at my blog backlog...wow I'm behind...).

So far out of the yearly goals for this year I'm seeing that...

1.  I reached my target weight back in February and am now in the "maintain as much as I can" category.  I'm happy with my weight at this point and am hoping to keep within a five pound cushion to keep my weight stable.  So far I'm doing okay :).  

I started losing weight hoping it would help my back.  Spoilers...it didn't.  But, I also didn't realize how unhappy I was with how I looked and felt being as heavy as I was, so I am really happy I worked hard and lost the extra 30+ pounds I was carrying around.

2.  We replaced the sprayer in the kitchen sink (obviously from my last post).  I was kind of shocked when I looked at the yearly goals and saw this was on there...I lost track how long the kitchen sprayer had been giving me grief, I guess.

3.  Made new curtains for my master bedroom.

4.  Made new skirts for the daughter.

5.  The den getting cleaned out is currently a work in progress.

6.  I've, so far, been doing a decent job on keeping on top of the pantry and making sure we have a decent variety of food in storage.

7.  Been doing pretty well with keeping the menu plan interesting and packing my husband's lunch as much as I can.

8.  And the garden isn't even on the agenda yet as it has been too darned cold as of yet to even think about it.

So, yeah, I haven't gotten as much done as I would like so far this year, but at least I got some things marked off of my list so far.  Things are ticking along here, at least, so I'll feel grateful for that.

So, let's get onto the goals for this month in particular!

1.  Get back taken care of.  

My back has been giving me grief for a while, as most of you probably know, but Sunday night I finally reached my breaking point.  I could not sleep, at all, because I was just so miserably in pain and uncomfortable.  Yesterday I went to the doctor.  I now have muscle relaxants and some hefty anti-inflammatory drugs to take at night to help alleviate things so I can sleep.  I ended up having to go in for an X-ray to check for herniation of the disc and things as I was showing a lot of sensitivity in areas the doctor was worried about, so I'll have to see what the X-ray results are.  If the X-ray comes back okay (no need for an MRI and such) we are in a "take medications, do exercises and see how you feel" type of situation for the next six weeks.  If this fails, I go to physical therapy and if THAT fails I'm off to a doctor to see if surgery or something is necessary.  Hopefully it doesn't get near that bad and the medications and the stretches and things I'm doing already take care of things.  Whatever this costs is going to eat into my plans for household stuff as the X-ray will definitely go toward our deductible (whatever it may cost), so we'll see how badly that hurts when it is all said and done.

So, yeah, before I can do much else, I need to get out of pain enough to accomplish it without injuring my back worse, so hopefully that starts to improve quickly.  After a few doses of medication I'm already feeling an improvement in my lower back (my legs, not so much), so hopefully that's a good sign.

2.  Get schoolwork for the year buttoned up and get work samples and final grades into the homeschool.  

Somehow, we have managed to keep on schedule when it comes to homeschool, so I'm hoping to be wrapped up this week for the summer (we're going to have to keep doing math for the daughter to keep her somewhat caught up for the fall as she starts Algebra 1 next year and the son will have to have some things going on all summer to keep him from losing skills, but at least the bulk will be over with).

The following are contingent on my back doing okay, at least for the more physical stuff.

3.  Once schoolwork is done for the year, repair damage to master bedroom from the earthquake and paint it.  

4.  Put new light fixture in master bedroom (this is dependent on my husband, but hopefully once it is all painted he'll put it in the new light...I'm thinking he will as the light in my bedroom is NOT great right now).

5.  Move as much long term food storage from den to the laundry room so it is out of sight (and gets us more room in the den).

6.  Take big load of earthquake destroyed items and things (and other stuff that has broken in the meantime) that are stored in the barn to the dump (we are hoping to use a discount coupon we get for the dump to help pay for this here soon.  Luckily the coupon doesn't expire till the end of June, so we have time).

7.  Rearrange master bedroom as I am painting it.

8.  Get orthodontist appointment out of the way and get bottom braces for the daughter (the consultation is today, so hopefully with insurance we don't keel over from sticker shock).  

9.  Hopefully get the rest of the carpeting laid down in the son's room.

10.  Make new curtains for the den and hang up new curtain rods.

I will be so happy when this is done as it will allow me to open the curtains and let light in during the day but button the house up at night so people can't see into the house.  The house came with bamboo blinds that you can just see through from outside, so I put some black out curtains I got at the used store up with tacks to stop people from seeing into the house at night.  The downside to the current arrangement is that I can't open the curtains up to let in light without having to climb things like a jungle gym to get the curtains up and down (and the curtains are kind of ugly looking), so the curtains end up staying up all of the time.  So, yeah, I'm really looking forward to having a better, and nicer looking, arrangement in there :).

11.  Make new face masks (for the husband for work and just to replace the ones that have gotten lost over time).

12.  Continue to get mending done.

And yeah, I'm going to call it good on the goals there as that is definitely enough to get done this month.  How about you?  Got anything you are working on this month?