About Us

Why are we here?  What is our purpose in this life?  How am I going to make my bills this month?

We've all asked those questions from time to time.  Well, except the last one.  And if you haven't ever had to ask that one...well I envy you.  Seriously.

My husband went from working for a family owned business where he worked for his father for years, not getting ahead at all, for years.  Then, a few years back, he finally couldn't continue to work for the business anymore and decided he needed to strike out elsewhere for the sake of stability and hopefully getting a job that offered some form of benefits.  He was able to land a new job.  One with benefits, stability and the knowledge that he would always be needed and have a job.  Downside was that he took a significant pay cut compared to what he made in the private sector and in all honesty that wasn't much anyway.

We are, by Alaskan standards, below the poverty line (and I guess by Federal standards as I read the news on the Covid stimulus debates as we are way below the $100,000.00 they all are arguing about) and have been for years and years.  We are a single paycheck household, so that makes things tight as well.  We are doing a bit better every year thanks to the pay raises my husband gets, but we still have to live life very carefully and try to plan where every single dollar goes.  Homeschooling my two children, including my autistic son, makes it more challenging still.  But, we get by.  Sometimes we have to get mighty creative, but we get by.

This is 2021 now.  We are still recovering from the 2018 earthquake that hit our area and did some decent damage to our home (although there were many up here that were WAY worse off then we were.  At least we could still live in our house afterwards).  Our state is struggling economically on a legendary degree.  Covid did not help.  Shortages are a very real thing we are dealing with up here at the moment and we don't know when that is going to get better, if anything people are panicking as it seems like the shortages keep threatening to get worse (and with our dependence on the Lower 48 for food and other essentials, this is NOT good for the stress levels).  The cost of living up here keeps going up, but wages are not, so that is making everyone hurt.  In short, life is always uncertain and people (including us) are feeling it right now.

I started this blog as a way to hopefully make people feel they are less alone in the world as they struggle financially and Heck struggle mentally while trying to find purchase on shifting sands.  This is a space that I try to be real with people.  No sugar coating, no making things worse than they are...just raw life and all the ups and downs that go with it as I try to get out of debt, get ahead and get all of the things done that need to get done on our house and in other areas of life.  

Anyway, welcome aboard.  My name is Erika.  I'll be your host on this blog as you read about the journey that is my life.  Come on in, take a seat, and hopefully stick around for a while.  Hopefully the blog will provide you with comfort, a like minded spirit or someone you can yell at (which has happened as people are at different stages in life and sometimes they don't mesh) if you really need it.

Take care and I'm glad to have you here!



  1. Yes we are. Following your story and pulling for you!

  2. Just found your blog from the Prudent Homemaker. I can appreciate what you're young through. Setbacks come and go. Tough times never seem like fun, but I am still always amazed at how The Lord blesses us with awesome and unexpected surprises when we feel at the lowest point. I know you will find strength and creativity you didn't realize you had. Take care, pray & keep up the good work!!

  3. Am looking forward to reading through your blog. Sorry you have had a rough few years. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  4. Hi Make Do Homemaker:

    Can you email me privately at aedurrett AT gmail.com? enjoy your writing and would like to mail you a small contribution.