Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Menu Plan for Week fo 2/22/16

 This post always seems to get delayed *laugh*.  This week's reason is because I am one of the unlucky folks in the universe who was not only cursed with sub-par teeth, but I am also cursed in that Novocaine tends to give me terrible migraines.  So, I was down with a head ache most of yesterday and really didn't have the energy to think of a menu plan.

This week is kind of going to be centered around chicken because I have a whole chicken (a pretty big one in fact) that should get used up and I don't want to shove cooked meat BACK into the freezer, so I'm just going to use it up.  But, the meals will not be boring!

So, anyway, let's get this party started in here!

Menu Plan for Week of 2/22/16

Monday:  Taco soup (used leftover chicken taco meat)

Tuesday:  Roast chicken, cranberry relish, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad (this is another meal that got kicked down the road due to the chicken refusing to defrost until today...it was impressive *laugh*).

Wednesday:  Leftover roast chicken slices, cornmeal pancakes with fig jam, fried eggs

Thursday:  Chicken pot pie (use rest of leftover roast chicken) or leftover roast chicken dinner croquettes (depending how much meat we're talking about).

Friday:  French Toast with canned blueberries and powdered sugar, sausage patties, eggs

Saturday:  Beef Bourguignon style short ribs over noodles (I'll try to remember to take pictures and share this recipe as it's tasty and really not that expensive to make overall), steamed carrots, salad

Sunday:  Leftovers (because I am sure there will be some).

To Make/bake:  Crepes for dinner next week (didn't get to make these last week, but I have some ideas for crepes, so it needs to GET done), bread, steamed pudding.  Baking Days:  Tuesday (crepes), Friday (bread),  Saturday (steamed pudding).

Desserts:  Leftover birthday cake, cookie bars (those are nearly gone), steamed pudding/cake


  1. I have made beef short ribs recently and paid $22.00 for our family of 3. They cost $5.99 lb., were very good, but with the bones not a ton of meat for the cost. The meals sound really good this week, especially the roast chicken dinner. Cheryl

    1. I normally don't buy short ribs for that exact reason. But, I was able to get a package cheap last week and I've found in the past that making a dish like the one I mentioned in the menu really helps to stretch the meat available on the ribs, makes a really flavorful dish and if you serve it over pasta the family doesn't really notice the lack of meat as much. I think I can make the little bit of meat I got stretch pretty well.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the migraine. Were you able to get everything done that you needed to?

    1. I was. Luckily my husband was home doing paperwork in the afternoons so he was able to drive to pick up the kids from school.

      The worst part is the Novocaine shot flared my TMJ something fierce the last couple of days, so I've had a continuous migraine pretty much since my dental appointment. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen :).

    2. Yuck! I hope it's over soon. I agree with you on the ibuprofen!

  3. Sounds like your sprouting feathers again this week, Erika! It feels like we're on the same page a lot. I'm making a chicken pot pie this week as well. The french toast with blueberries sound delicious!

  4. I like this documentation of weekly menus. When I visit blogs I think that the family has a good deal of their history being documented and how amazing is that! No longer will your children or to be grandchildren wonder how to make one thing or another as most likely the blog has the recipe~and also so much more about the uniqueness of each family!

  5. Dental work is the worst!!! I'm surprised I didn't see "soup, soup, and more soup" on the menu. Hopefully, your teeth will give you a break, and you will feel better!

    I made a menu plan, and we are eating it for the most part, but was blessed with a meal from a friend and the soup she made lasted 2 nights, so that helped out. On the other hand, it looks like we will be having several people come help us (Yea!!!) on Friday and Saturday, so I will be making Crock Pots of food for them. I will decide today, and defrost things. It's the least I can do, and something like chili or soup will stretch far, and give them a meal.