Monday, February 22, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

I have my dental appointment this morning to get my cavities drilled.  Have you ever noticed that no matter HOW old you get the idea of going to the dentist still brings about near panic.  Times like this I really relate to how nervous the poor animals get when they go to the vet.

I feel pretty good about how last week went.  I didn't get near as much done as I wanted to due to being busy with birthday preparations, a three day weekend for the kids (with the parent teacher conferences that went with it) and just plain trying to keep on top of things while being just so burned out TIRED with my son not sleeping well.  But, I did get some things done and I feel really good about what I did get done.

I got "stage one" of my vintage-y Spring tablecloth done (seen above).  This is actually a giant cotton curtain panel someone had cut down and dropped off at the thrift store.  I got it for 1.00 thinking it might be vintage fabric, but nope it's a vintage repop if the modern tag from Target was any indication *laugh*.  So, I finally sat down with the fabric last night, cleaned up the edges to make it square (well as close to "square" as I make anything ;), washed it (again as my cat had been sleeping on it) and voila!  One really nice bright tablecloth.

I am going to do a square panel to sit in the middle of the tabletop on top of the tablecloth to make it look more like a traditional vintage tablecloth.  I was, originally, going to make the panel and then sew it permanently into the tablecloth, but then thought better of it as I want to make the center panel white with some embroidery designs or a cute light colored panel in a contrasting pattern (anyone who looks at vintage table linens will quickly get what I mean here), but I really want to be able to wash the two fabrics separately as with my son being able to spot clean fabrics of different types is definitely a good idea. I have some ideas sketched out and I think that the final product will look really cute.  But, really, I think the tablecloth doesn't look too shabby right now either and makes the house a bit brighter as we wait for Spring to get here :).

Oh and as another monthly goal that I'm working on, proof is in the pudding here.  That's my ice water on the table.  The soda on the table is my son's (I pushed his tushy out of the frame to take the picture before he potentially messed up the tablecloth *laugh*).

I sewed up four cloth napkins and am going to work on designing embroidery designs to place on them to match my new tablecloth.  This will be good practice for me to further hone my "floral embroidery" skills, I think, and will also lead to some cute napkins to use with the tablecloth.

I got my son's air purifier completely changed out with new filters and with it all nice and clean (and dusted as I did that too) it seems to be helping his skin a little bit (at least I hope it is).

I did get some windows washed and some closet doors cleaned, but still have a ways to go around here.  I'm hoping to get "deep scrubbing" done slowly so that I'm not rushing when Spring cleaning gets here, but the way my son is sleeping I might be deluding myself.

So onto my goals for this week!

Sewing Goals:
  • Finish or at least accomplish, some of the sewing goals that are leftover from last week.
  • Make square panel for tablecloth and start working on final touches for that.
  • Make new bag holder (I know I can find the time to do THAT no matter what).

General Goals:
  • Clean out and scrub fridge (phase one of this is pretty much done.  I got about 90% of the stuff pulled out, situated in new locations or otherwise taken care of.  Now it's just a matter of actually taking shelves out one by one and scrubbing them nice and sparkly).
  • Finish washing windows and mirrored surfaces in house.
  • Start to clean out furnace room.
  • Go through fridge freezer.  Process what needs to be used, clean out anything that can't be used, etc.  Move any meat that doesn't need to be used ASAP to standing freezer.  Move ice cream and other everyday used items up to fridge freezer.
And there you are folks.  My goals for this week.  What are you up to?


  1. Oh that is so pretty!!! I just love it!!!

    My weekly goals are mostly to get our downstairs in shape, my youngest was very sick for and reverted back in a baby who just wanted to be held so I did nothing from thursday to sunday. An eye dr at church who sometimes offers me fill in office and assistant work gave me all the Saturdays this month, but this Saturday have to get a babysitter for a few hours because my husband has to work for about 4 hours. I always feel bad how messy w can get so got to really get cleaning. Just every one messes it up so fast...

    Hoping to get items priced for a semi annual consignment sale I only learned about a year ago. You are allowed 200 items, i have 195, so need to find a few more, and price them. The sale is end of march, but takes a while to bundle it all and get it ready.

    Ive done well so far, but I want to come in low on my groceries this week, because i need to get a few things in the more expensive personal care and health catagories.

    I tried my hand at making chinese polo buns yesterday, not as good at he ones we used to have chinatown, but still good, so if I can, will tinker and try that again.

  2. I love that fabric. I hope you post the napkins when you finish! Maybe you will inspire me to embroider something. I think it's so pretty.

  3. Beautiful table cloth! I love the cheerful colors.

    I think you just inspired me to get out the fabric I bought two years ago to make an Easter table cloth....

    Glad you had a good week, Erika. Any time your low on sleep (and funds!) things get tough! You did a great job!

  4. If ever there was a tablecloth that screams springtime, it is yours! Such beautiful colours too. I can't wait to see the matching topper and napkins you embroider. You do such an amazing job with embroidery, I'm sure they will be lovely!!! Oh, and great job on drinking more water too.

  5. I ended up not getting too much done last week- school vacation. I'm not sweating it though. This week I hope to declutter some books and work on my pantry.
    I love the tablecloth! A touch of spring seems like a good thing right now. Have a great week.

  6. My plan this week is to get through a bunch of appointments, both for myself and children. I work 2 days. Other than that, every spare minute will be used cleaning and sorting. We really want to get this house on the market in the next couple of weeks. It is extra hard because we are downsizing so much, so I'm being ruthless. The areas I'm done with also need to be kept up with.

  7. I have spent the morning visiting your blog and I have had a wonderful time! My family had a life changing event several years ago that put us on a path of drastic changes which if you wish to read about~
    Life isn't about the perfection that tv/magazines or movies present but real people rolling up their sleeves and living.

    I am going to return often as I have truly enjoyed my visit~from one pyrex thrifty fan to another~
    New Mexico