Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

So, I would have put "Monthly Goals Update" on the top of this post, buuuuutt I haven't exactly finished my goals for this month yet, so I figured I'd give a brief update on my weekly goals from last week and set my goals for this week.

I had a mixed bag when it came to getting goals done this week.  We got our PFD's earlier than I thought we would this year (normally it's about October 6th when we receive them), so my goals for last week took a back seat to getting a lot of back logged things done, such as vehicle registration renewals, going stock up grocery shopping, and other errands.  After being gone for the last week running around and then my husband having worked weekends for the last month and me having to field the kids...well my house looked like a Blitzkrieg hit it.  Not good to say the least.

So, yesterday I spent cleaning the house as much as I could handle with my husband at work and my kids in busy moods.  Today we spent doing yet more cleaning and I put up Halloween decorations with the kids, so sewing and other goals kind of took a back seat.

However, I did get some things done.  I got my counter tops cleaned off, deep cleaned and reorganized (one corner of which is seen above).

I found myself constantly a bit frustrated as I was always trying to coordinate my flour containers to be the same color and design.  You know, the way the "experts" tell you to to make your kitchen look glorious.  I have one complete set of Tupperware containers for your counter, but I kept finding myself needing to refill everything but the largest size of Tupperware a LOT and it just wasn't working for me.

So, I finally got fed up with it and decided going colorful was the way to go when it came to the kitchen.  I pulled out all of the large sized Tupperware I had and poured my flour, bread flour, sugar and rice into them and put them on my counter top.  Then, instead of small baskets to house my garlic and occasional onion, I decided to go with some Tupperware bowls I had instead.  I even placed my salt and coarse ground pepper into a couple of more colorful Tupperware mini-storage containers (not seen) that didn't have lids.  The kitchen is very cheerful looking now and I know exactly what container houses what by color, so it makes it easy when I'm reaching for say flour for something.  I was even able to fit a couple of pantry Tupperware containers in the corner that house different types of pasta (one houses angel hair/thin spaghetti/long noodles and the other one contains whatever shape I opened last and didn't use all of).

I completely gutted the pantry, again, and reorganized everything.  I got all of my non-food items out of the pantry in preparation of a lot of groceries getting bought and put back into it.  The new system works great and I was very happy with the results.

I got my table runner cut out and pinned, but haven't sewed it yet.  I'm hoping to get to that tomorrow, along with baking that desperately needs to get done.

I got some reorganizing done on my bedroom, but still have a lot to do there.  Once again, that's on the list this week as well.

I figured out where I was going to put the top of my desk that I have in preparation of moving the bottom downstairs.  I think it will work out okay in the new spot and it'll work out better as the top to my desk is, we think, meant more as a travel desk than an actual desk top (my great grandfather apprenticed at a furniture maker when he was a teen and made the desk out of two apprentice pieces that had been abandoned by other apprentices for his house.  The results were mixed, but is a neat back history to the piece :).

I did oil the sewing machine and replace the needle.  I'm hoping to get it in for servicing and deep cleaning sometime soon as well, but we'll see how it goes.

And I got the rest of the boxes in the corner of my bedroom emptied and taken to the used store.  It felt good getting rid of all of that clutter.

So, now onto this week's goals!

Sewing Goals:
1.  Finish table runner.  
2.  Work on small tablecloth for coffee table. 
3.  Make cloth napkins with leftover material from table runner.
4.  Make tea cozy out of leftover quilt material.  Make cloth coasters out of the rest.
5.  Mend three pairs of husband's jeans.
6.  Darn at least four pairs of socks.
Other Goals:
1.  Finish monthly goals list.
2.  Move desk pieces to their final resting places for now.
3.  Reorganize bedroom.
4.  Bake bread, orange rolls, muffins and make pot of oatmeal for breakfasts for the rest of the week.
5.  Strain oil from making fried chicken (tonight's impromptu dinner as I was out of leftovers to eat for said dinner) in preparation of making corn dogs for dinner later in the week.
6.  Dig out pretzel recipe to make husband's "Octoberfest" dinner later in the week.
7.  Organize printing papers so they are easier to get to.
And there you go.  My goals for this week.  Hopefully I'll have the monthly goals posted up within a couple of days.

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