Monday, October 5, 2015

Monthly Goals: October 2015

October is normally a time of year where I am preparing like mad for winter.  Making sure the rest of the canning is done that I have the furnace prepped for a winter of use, tire change overs on the cars and making sure we have good windshield wiper blades to scrape that snow off the windshield.

Well, it got cold earlier than it has the past couple of years, so the furnace got done early.  Canning was buttoned up, for now, in September.  Tire change overs and windshield wiper blades still need to be replaced, but I'm hoping to get to that soon.  Overall, though, I feel pretty good about where I'm sitting for winter preparations.

This month is also the month where I really start kicking Christmas gift making into high gear.  I try to get extended family done first so that in November and December I can concentrate on my husband and kids with gift making without worrying about being rushed (since I can only work on kid's gifts while they are in school or wreck the surprise).

So, onto the goals for this month!

Monthly Goals:  October 2015

Sewing Goals:
1.  Try to finish at least 1/2 of Christmas gifts for extended family.
2.  Mend two more comforters (my son is hard on things).
3.  Work on beginning quilt project for husband's Christmas gift.
4.  Finish fall themed table runner for kitchen table.
5.  Finish table cloth for coffee table.
6.  Make cloth napkins with leftover fall material.
7.  Embroider handkerchiefs for husband's Christmas gifts.
8.  Plan out embroidery for son's throw pillow for Christmas.

Cleaning Goals:
1.  Deep clean fridge.
2.  Empty kitchen cabinets.  Wipe down entire cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap.
3.  Shampoo carpets, all.
4.  Clean wood furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap.

Household Goals: 
1.  Rearrange master bedroom. 
2.  Fix husband's recliner (cracking leather problems).
3.  Fix desk chair (needing to be rebuilt due to fake leather being shot, problems)
4.  Recaulk tubs.

Pantry Goals:
1.  Take detailed inventory of pantry.  Figure out any holes left in pantry goods.  Post list where I can easily update it as things are used to fill in holes as they appear.
2.  Put canner away.  Make list of canning needs for next year (inventory lids and pectin).

General Goals:
1.  Get Halloween more finalized plan-wise (a lot of this is hinging on whether my son passes his peanut tolerance test or not because for the first time my daughter might be able to go trick-or-treating and actually keep some candy!).
2.  Call on possible overcharge on bill.
And there you are folks.  My mostly complete list for this month (I have this nagging feeling I'm forgetting some things).  What's on your list this month?

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