Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 9/14/15

This has been a busy couple of days and I found myself kind of sitting at the kitchen table staring off into space as I tried to figure out what to put down for a menu this week.  So, it ended up being a day late as I waited for divine guidance on what we should eat this week.  Well, I didn't get any shining light from the heavens, but I think I figured out some things to eat this week, anyway *laugh*.

Menu Plan for Week of 9/14/15

Monday:  Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tuesday:  Baked fish, rice a roni, fruit cocktail
Ingredient Notes:  Home made rice a roni mix from pantry, fruit cocktail from pantry.
Wednesday:  Pork roast, roast potatoes, tomato slices
Ingredient Notes:  Potatoes, garden produce from pantry.  Tomatoes from garden produce from pantry.
Thursday:  Shrimp scampi, mixed vegetables, garlic toast
Ingredient Notes:  Canned shrimp from pantry, mixed vegetables from pantry, garlic from garden produce in pantry.  Olive oil for toast from pantry.
Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:   Chicken Alfredo
Ingredient Notes:  Canned chicken from pantry, alfredo sauce from pantry, pasta from pantry.  Add some peas from freezer.
Sunday:  Pancakes, bacon, eggs.
Desserts:  Apple pie, orange jello, chocolate pudding.

Baking List:  Pizza crust, orange rolls, bread.  Baking day, Friday.

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