Monday, September 14, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, I didn't get to doing this post yesterday, as you could probably tell *laugh*.  It was one of those weeks which was a just one curve ball after another.  Not in a bad way, mind you, but it did keep us busy around here.

For one, I found a hutch like cabinet at the used store last week that I REALLY wanted for my kitchen.  It is missing a drawer, but I knew looking at it that it was made of very solid wood.  When I dragged...err...went with my husband to the used store, he agreed with me that it was definitely worth the 20.00 they were asking for it as just the material it was made of ALONE would be worth 20.00.  So, we bought it and got it home and I've spent a good couple of days last week cleaning that cabinet up.  About 15 layers of grime were on it and underneath I found oak!  Yup, definitely worth 20.00.  I'll try to show pictures of it once we can get it out of a cramped corner of our garage, but I'm just so excited to get that cabinet put in!  It's got a microwave space built into it a large upper cabinet which I'm dying for as it will make a nice mini-pantry in the kitchen.  I'm just thrilled, let's put it that way.  My husband will have to cut the cabinet down a few inches to get it to fit into the actual kitchen (I have a galley style small kitchen), but in the meantime I will wish for it to be done *laugh*.

I reorganized furniture to get to my main heating vent to clean it and also to allocate some space for the kitchen hutch cabinet if my husband didn't want to mess with cutting it apart.  I'm glad I did as I found out that we have an open into the floor heating vent because of an unfinished heating duct, so I know that we've been losing at least SOME heat into the floor because of that.  So, my husband has to build a duct to complete the heating vent.  Poor man.  I just keep adding to his "to do" list.

I was settling in late last week to get some sewing done and found out my daughter was invited to a birthday party for a friend of hers who has been her friend for about 1/2 of her life now.  They don't get to see each other often, so I knew she would want to give her something and it was VERY short notice so I dug through what I had to make her something.  My daughter ended up helping me to make a cat out of a panel project I'd found at the used store a while back.  She poked herself with about four pins helping me to pin it together and she helped me to stuff it.  I was proud of her for helping me with it and am glad she's finally showing an interest in making things.  I'm now down one thing I could make for a potential Christmas present, but it was worth it as it didn't cost me anything to make because I had all the materials and her friend loved the gift, so it all worked out.

I did get a fall themed table runner done (seen up top there) and have another one in the works.  The pumpkin table runner was going to be my Halloween table runner, honestly, as I looked at the cost of Halloween material at Jo-Ann's and then saw that fall themes were 70% off that week, so I got generic pumpkins instead of some cool Halloween thing.  My daughter picked out the pumpkins and we were happy with that choice (I have another material I picked out for just a fall theme that I need to make).

Then I was at the used store when we bought the hutch cabinet and I found someone had dropped off a bunch of Halloween themed panels of fabric.  I'm not sure what they were going to do with them originally as there were a bunch of different series of panels with 3 Halloween fabrics per panel, but I looked at the panels and realized if I could pick a couple where I could make a joining "panel" in the middle with fabric I already had I could make a pretty cool table runner out of them.
So, I picked some orange and black themes (I tried to take a couple of close ups above here), took some black fabric I had at home to make the bottom of the table runner and the "joining panel" in the middle and voila!  A really cool Halloween table runner that took no time at all to make!  For 2.00 total cost.  Can't beat that :).

I didn't get to cleaning the top of my freezer off, so that's going to get transferred onto this week's goals.  I did manage to download and fax the form I needed to the allergist (cost me 3.00 to fax, but I got it done).

Waking up a half an hour early wasn't necessary as my son has been getting up at 4:00 am.  I tried to explain to him I wanted to wake up a half an hour early, not three hours early, but he didn't seem to care *laugh*.

Besides being exhausted I was able to get the shake and bake mix dialed in the way I wanted so that's done for future dinners.

I still need to get more Christmas gifts worked on, at least the preliminary things (cutting, making patterns, etc) and I still need to get the massive pile of mending a bit more caught up, so those will, once again, get transferred onto this week's goals as well.

So here's this week's goals!

Sewing Goals:
1.  Get final fall themed table runner done.
2.  Use leftover pumpkin material to make table runner for coffee table or sideboard (depending how long it ends up being and how it looks on both).
3.  Work on mending.
4.  Work on Christmas gifts.
General Goals:
1.  Clean out sideboard drawer.  Toss what isn't needed.
2.  Move unnecessary things in pantry to 40' van or donate to used store to prepare for getting groceries next month.
3.  Continue to bag up old clothing from storage and take a couple more loads to the used store (I finally got all the clothes out of the den and now it's onto the bedroom!).
4.  Make more pizza pockets for freezer.
5.  Make cookies for daughter's lunch.
6.  Start to reorganize master bedroom.
7.  Clean off top of freezer, clean freezer coils.  Organize top of freezer.
8.  Take inventory of what is in freezer so I know what to add to the "fresh" grocery goals list.
9.  Fold all laundry and weed out clothes that don't fit kids well (they're both growing again).
10. Organize own wardrobe better for the coming winter months.  Start boxing up summer items.
11.  Put up more Halloween decorations (I am putting them out slowly until October so we don't get too tired of seeing them :).

And there you are folks. My goals for this week.  You have anything you are doing this week?


  1. Love your table runners! You continually inspire me to keep going and get things done. I am trying to get to my fall decorations...
    I am making applesauce in the crock pot today with apples we were given. It smells great, and the price is right ; )

  2. Oh, I almost forgot: yesterday I made pumpkin scones.

  3. Pumpkin scones! Yum! One of the many reasons I love fall ;).