Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds

This was a good week on the Thrift Store front.  Well, kinda *laugh*.

Some of what is seen above is actually from a local antique shop that is going out of business.  They were proclaiming 50% off everything and intrigued, since we'd never been there before, my husband took us on an adventure to find the place.  We found it and went inside and were amazed by all the stuff.

I was able to get a box of canning lids (with the lids still inside), an old frozen food box and a vintage baking powder tin (I collect old spice tins) for like 3.50.  It was fun and I was able to pay with cash I had in my pocket, which kept me careful on how much I spent.

We also went to a local used store and I found a soap dish, which I'd been needing for the kid's bathroom.  And then I made the mistake of turning said soap dish over and saw "ironware" and other markings, went and looked up the soap dish online and found that it is an ironware dish made in the 1800's, specifically transferware.  The 1.00 I paid for it was definitely worth it as it is in perfect condition (honestly I got it because it was solid, clean and I thought it was pretty).  I knew ironware was pretty tough, so I was all for just using said soap dish, but my husband put his foot down and after arguing with me the abuse that soap dishes take on a day to day basis, the soap dish finally ended up in my china cabinet.  So, I still need a soap dish for my kid's bathroom *laugh*.

I was also able to find cloth napkins for .25 a piece, so I got some patriotic themed napkins (blue with white stars) and some grey blue ones, four of each.  So now I have a couple of new cloth napkins in the rotation.  Always welcome.

At another used store I was able to find a new Oxo grips can opener for 3.00.  I love the one I have but the handles keep popping off, so I was happy to find another one.  We also found an old style can opener/key for 1.00 (those come in handy!).  The vintage biscuit/cookie cutter was .50 (I love the old style cookie cutters and biscuit cutters, they just work so well!)  and the potato masher (bakelite handle and everything!) was 2.00.  I have been looking for an old style potato masher as my "new fangled" Oxo potato masher just doesn't work great in my opinion and I KNOW the old style ones work because that's what I grew up with.  And the rubber spatula was another kitchen item I've been needing as mine are just getting really worn and it was .50.

Really, it was a week to run into things I needed and some I didn't, but it was still a lot of fun exploring and finding cool things.

Find any cool things on your travels lately?


  1. You might be able to sell the soap dish for a lot more than you paid for it. Great find.

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  3. OXO has an EXCELLENT replacement policy...just make sure you keep the receipt for any future purchases. They have replaced for me an expensive salad spinner bowl as well as two different can openers.

    1. Thanks for the information. I had no idea that they'd warranty things like that. I would have kept a couple of receipts for some spatulas and can openers that started coming apart on me. Definitely going to save receipts in the future!