Friday, September 4, 2015

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Weekly Recap

This has been a day to cap off a busy and stressful week and I've got tons to do tomorrow.  Anyone want to come and wake up at five AM for me tomorrow and bust hump to get everything done?  I'm sick.  I'd like to call in sick tomorrow *sigh*.

Both kids were home sick on Monday and we had some sporadic absentees since then with my son not feeling great.  I started getting sick right when I really had stuff to do when it came to birthday prep and just generally needing to get stuff done (like baking) and I haven't felt up to doing much of it.  Then it culminated today with both the kids having dental appointments.

Bright side:  I am still doing a good job of cleaning my son's teeth.  No cavities on either child that warranted needing them to get drilled.

Down side:  My daughter, who absolutely REFUSES to wiggle loose teeth (this has been a battle since her first two teeth had to be pulled by the dentist...I think she's lost one tooth on her own by actually wiggling it.  That's it) has two more teeth that have to be pulled because she didn't wiggle them loose and the teeth above them starting coming in wonky because of it.  The real down side is after we get that done it looks like she's looking at braces because she's cross biting due to the teeth coming in so crooked.  On top of her being in the worst mood on the face of the planet from the moment she woke up this morning...I am just plain TIRED.  I thought only one kid was supposed to be your "worry child" and yet...I have two.  Ugh.  Just ugh.

Anyway, despite all of the happenings this week we did manage to find some bright points and I managed to accomplish some things.

1.  We've been getting a lot of rain of late. which with the dry summer we had we also needed.  One such day where we kept getting rain blowing in and out a rainbow went over our house.  And I finally managed to figure out my camera to the point I got a photo of a rainbow to come out (one of said photos is seen above).  I felt so proud of myself *laugh*.

 2.  Along with the rain we unfortunately got to see temperatures plummet at night so that we've had heavy frost occurring more than a couple of nights.  I ran outside when I heard the temp the night before had plummeted into the mid 30's to find my tomato plant thankfully not completely frozen, but the leaves and stems were starting to die quickly, so I harvested every tomato I could find.  Which, turned out to be a lot.  And this was after the bunch I picked for the green tomato relish!

They are now ripening in the above crate (which is yes, my sewing crate for current projects, but it was the only thing I had that I could find big enough to house the tomatoes while giving them good air flow, so that's where the crate remains for the time being) and as they are ripening I'm going to try and process them a bit at a time and put them in the freezer to use for tomato sauce or something later on.  Some of them will probably end up in salads and such as well.  But hey, I have tomatoes!  That's always nice!

3.  I gave my mother-in-law some of the bounty from the garden.  It felt good sharing some vegetable love with someone (I couldn't rehouse the kale like I hoped I'd be able to due to everyone being sick).  After her letting me pick her raspberries I figured it was the least I could do.

4.  I redecorated my son's room for his birthday and managed to make a quilt and a personalized pillow sham out of materials I had around here (with the exception of 7.00 of quilt binding).  He's happy as a clam with his room, so I'm happy.

5.  I cashed in some Disney Movie Rewards points for a Baymax figure for my daughter for Christmas and I got it in the mail this week.  Like most of the movie rewards, it's kind of smaller than I thought it would be, but still decent even though small.  Since she picked out which figure she wanted, I know she'll be happy with it.

6.  My husband called randomly on a radial saw that someone had listed on Craig's List for free and when the guy said he still had it my husband stopped off to pick it up.  Only to find not only was it a nice radial saw, but he got the stand and everything with it.  He was really happy with that freebie!

7.  I was sick all week so I really didn't go anywhere where I would have wanted to spend money, so that's always a silver lining to a nasty storm cloud.

And there you are folks.   My frugal accomplishments for this week, such as they are.  How did you do?


  1. I hope you're feeling better by now. You got a lot done for being sick.
    Hang in there : )

  2. Green tomato quick bread...I also stick finely chopped green tomatoes in chili and spaghetti sauce; no one notices.

  3. Really? Great :). Thanks for the information! I was getting tired of making fried green tomatoes. Delicious, yes, but you get a bit tired eating them once a day *laugh*.