Sunday, September 6, 2015

Monthly Goals Updates and This Week's Goals

Well, when it came to last week's goals some of them got accomplished and some of them didn't.  I forgave myself early in the week for not getting the list done as I really did feel awful with this cold.  Luckily I'm FINALLY feeling better this afternoon.  The worst part of the cold was a bone crushing fatigue that came with it.  Usually I'm one of those people who can work through a cold (to the point of driving my husband nuts as he's telling me to sit down and take it easy), but this one really made me sit on my behind a lot and just rest.  

I did get some things done.  I dehydrated the rest of the herbs (seen above).   I made my son's birthday cake, but not as planned.  I was planning on making one from scratch, but this time a 1.25 cake mix by the great people at Pillsbury came to my rescue...thank goodness for Pillsbury and their wonderful peanut free products sometimes.  I got his room done, got the tomatoes picked and worked on the one month pantry heavy meal plan.  It's kind of free form, but I think once I organize from week to week it'll work out just fine. 

After that, the mending didn't get done.  The cranberries are still in the freezer waiting for me to make them into sauce.  The sewing machine did get used, but not cleaned.  The baking didn't get done, so I really need to bake tomorrow or we're going to be down to eating the last ends of the bread and that's it.  I ended up making pizza instead of pizza rolls, which after some consideration I think I'm going to work on making pizza pockets instead.  I think that'll work just fine and I won't have so much rolling and pinching to do.

So, some goals for this week are going to be hold overs from last week.  At least I finally have some energy so I will hopefully be able to get some of them accomplished.

Canning/Preserving Goals:

1.  Freeze any eggs that are still good in 18 pack of eggs.
Carrs eggs are really starting to irritate me.  I will buy a dozen, an 18 pack...whatever...of eggs and half of them end up floating within a week (if an egg floats, it's bad).  This happened on my newest 18 pack of eggs.  Six of the eggs floated, so I'm going to scramble the eggs that sank individually and put them into muffin tins to freeze.  Then I'll just defrost one or two eggs for baking as needed and not worry so much about them going bad on me.

And note to self:  Make the trip to Fred Meyer to buy eggs from now on.
2.  Make SOS Mix (Soup or Sauce).
Jo, one of our blog readers pointed me toward this mix that can be used as a substitute for cream of soups in recipes.  It looks promising and I have all the ingredients.  Best part about it is if it works out I can make a double batch and I'm set for a while on cream of soups :).  Thanks, Jo!

If you're interested in checking out the recipe and what you can do with it, go here.  I downloaded the original booklet she points you toward in the blog post, which also contains recipes.  Pretty darned cool!  I got my home made Bisquick recipe from the Cooperative Extension Service, so I'm looking forward to making this mix and seeing what I can do with it.
3.  Make Pantry Friendly "Shake and Bake" style mix.
For those nights when I just want some breaded wonder to come out of the oven.  And my daughter can shake the bag and "help" ;).
General Goals:

1.  Clean off freezer top.  Move freezer out and clean coils. 
This is just maintenance, but it needs to be done.  
2.  Once top of freezer is cleared, reorganize it to work better for my needs.
Right now the top of my freezer is a mismatch of overflow items.  Packages of razors, tissues, my waffle iron, my canner...there's a bunch of different things I have up there and I keep thinking there's got to be a better way to organize it.  And what better time when it's cleared off!
3.  Work on waking up at least a half an hour earlier.
This is more for me having time to get a cup of motivation down me and some breakfast in my gullet before I have to get the kids up for school.  I am not a morning person.  It's time to work on that.
4.  Download transfer of records form from allergist website, fill out and fax.
I want to get this done with plenty of time to spare as my son's old allergist office is being kind of nasty, so I want to make sure it gets done. 
5.  Bake Bread, chocolate chip cookies (for daughter's lunch), icebox cookies  and pizza pockets.

Sewing Goals:

1.  Make autumn themed table runner.
I keep going through my head what the best way to do a Halloween themed table runner will be, but I do have some autumn colors in different fabric scraps, so I think I'll just make a table runner for autumn for the time being and maybe make another table runner for Halloween later.  
2.  Work on Christmas Gifts
I've barely begun working on gifts and now I'm a week behind.  I have 13 nieces and nephews and that's on top of my own family to make gifts for.  And teachers and therapists and other satellite people.  So, yeah, I start making gifts early. 
3.  Work on mending.
I really need to get a move on this project.  My husband has jeans and shirts that need to be repaired.  I have some jeans with holes in the knees, my kids have holes in different things that need patches applied.  Socks need to be darned.  And now that I have energy, it's time to work on that.
4.  Start working on embroidery on handkerchiefs for Christmas gifts.
I tend to work on embroidery while out in the parking lot when I pick up my daughter from school on therapy days (I prefer to just get there early and sit in the car and work on projects than work on them at therapy and feel rushed getting to the school).
5.  Work on throw pillow for daughter's bed for Christmas (this will be a form and pillow cover).  
This project, if it turns out as well as it comes out in my head is going to be super cute!

And there you go folks.  My goals for this week.  Hopefully I can get some of them accomplished.

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