Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Shopping Goals: July 2015

I can't believe it's July 1st already (and Happy Canada Day to our friends in the Great White North!).

So it's time to make shopping goals for this month.  I'm still trying very hard to save money somehow (if things would quit breaking and we stop having dentist and doctor's visits that'd be great), so my shopping goals for this month are once again going to be pretty conservative...well kind of.  I'm trying really hard to rebuild food storage on top of saving money, so I do have some loftier goals in the hopes I can make some of them (food storage with allergies:  Food storage ain't cheap).

I managed to get everything on my shopping goals list for last month with the exception of garlic stuffed olives and adding machine tape.  The adding machine tape, since I can do math by paper and pencil, is going to wait I think until a time when I have more wiggle room with money.  The garlic stuffed olives, however, are going to be a priority for me this month as my son does like them.

So, here we go!

Shopping Goals for July 2015:

Bulk Stores:
  • 1 Big jar garlic stuffed olives (I saw these were a LOT cheaper in bulk, so I'm hoping my son will go for them)
  • 1 Block of cheddar cheese (this I might try and do three trips through Carrs for as they are on sale for 5.99 this week with an in-ad coupon, I believe, but that will depend on gas and how motivated I am to go into a store that much).
  • 1 flat canned peaches
  • 1 jug of olive oil
  • 1 container of lemonade (my husband and I find we really like lemonade as a good alternative to water with dinner).
Regular Stores:
  • 12 cans each cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup 

I don't buy Campbell's because of various reasons, but I like the store generic brand at Carrs, so I'll be going with that.  I figure I'll break this down into 4 cans of each per week, so it won't make me feel odd spending like nearly 24 bucks just on canned creamed soups.  I love to have these around, though, for casseroles and such, so I like to buy about a year's worth a time.

This is iffy, but if I have some wiggle room I want to get...
  • Freezer Bags
  • Crystalized Ginger (Amazon carries a brand called GERBS, which is top 10 food allergen free, yeah for peanut free!).
  • GERBS Dried Banana Chips (I've tried to dry my own, but they always come out way too sticky and I end up with a glob of dried banana instead of chips.  I'm figuring on just ordering some instead).
  • Dried Figs (if the price is right, otherwise I'll watch for sales locally).
Local Farm Stands:
  • Potatoes (a lot of the farms are liquidating last year's potato crop in preparation of getting THIS year's potato crop, so I'm hoping to run into cheap potatoes)
  • Any deals on cheap fresh fruit (I keep hoping to repeat the miracle of cheap apples from last winter.  I've also run into crates of fruit going for decently cheap in the past, so I'm hopeful anyway)
And so, there are my shopping goals for this month.  Some of them are probably more realistic than others, but we'll see how it goes.

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