Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Menu Plan (Not) Monday: Menu for Week of 6/29/15

Wow, I'm behind this week!  I'm super busy with events and just generally trying to get things done (which I am on very little sleep, so hey at least there's that right?).

I didn't post this Monday because it was my Anniversary Monday and I was at a loss of what to make seeing as how my freezer is pretty much just chicken central right now and we're kind of sparse on specialty ingredients.  I finally decided to just make dinner like I do every night, but went out and picked fresh lettuce right when my husband got home for dinner that night.  Really fresh lettuce did up the quality of the meal and even my husband mentioned how delicious it was, so hey, I'm good!

Yesterday ended up being busy just because I was exhausted for 90% of the day and then ended up with an emergency sewing project to do last night, so I was doing that till get the idea.

Menu Plan for Week of 6/29/15
Monday:  Baked Chicken, garlic bread, salad

Tuesday:  Ham (from freezer), Au Gratin Potatoes, Salad

Wednesday:  Mustard Pork Chops, biscuits, salad

Thursday:  Ham salad sandwiches

Friday:  Honey Chipolte Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad (seeing a pattern with the veggie *laugh*)

Saturday:  4th of July menu  (coming later)

Sunday:  Leftovers (of which there will be plenty I'm sure) 

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