Thursday, July 2, 2015

Monthly Goals: July 2015

And so the time is here again where I get to figure out my monthly goals for this month.  I'm really liking doing goals this way as I found last month that it really helped to keep me motivated and on track to have some goals written down.

July, for me, is usually a month of harvesting and preserving which continues into August.  I'll be harvesting a lot from the garden and yard this month which means canning, freezing and dehydrating among other things.  I started to take inventory and I might have to redo my shopping goals a bit to get all of what I am planning on getting done...well done.  For instance I might need to buy additional canning lids, pectin (my biggest worry) and such, so we'll see how it goes.

So, here we go.  My goals for July!

1.  Shampoo carpets, all
I did this last month, but unfortunately my son discovered chocolate and marshmallows.  And found that he liked stomping the above into the carpeting.  I've got a lot of carpet to comb and shampoo this month.  Ugh.
2.  Continue to Clean out Storage Spaces and Get Things Ready for Yard Sale
I was REALLY hoping to have had said yard sale by now, but having to handle all of the work alone...we might be having the yard sale kind of late this summer.  
3.  Organize Pantry Space
I dug out three boxes of MRE's last night out of the pantry, which freed up space, but I still have so much food items around the house that need to start getting sorted into the pantry that this project is going to take a while.
4.  Work on getting son's room more organized.
We still need to move the old entertainment center into my son's room this month.  I hope to get this done next weekend as this weekend is going to be busy.
5.  Work on Decorating Theme and Decorations for son's room
I talked to my step-mom and told her all of the design elements I wanted to incorporate into my son's room and she came up with a really good idea, so I want to run with that.  For me, it means probably doing some artwork to hang on the walls, finding some frames and maybe sewing a few items for the room, but I think it will come out super cute when done.
6.  Make Soap
It's a good time of year to make soap in July, usually as I can just plug the crock pot in outside and not stink up the house (and boy do you stink up the house making soap).
Canning/Preserving Goals:
1.  Can Fig Jam
2.  Can Apricot Jam
3.  Can Apple Sauce (I need to get the apple sauce out of the freezer and just can it.  I'm not using it enough in the freezer and it takes up tons of space).
4.  Can Apple Pie Filling
5.  Can Salsa
6.  Harvest Rose Hips and Dehydrate to make Jelly
7.   Can Strawberry Jam
8.  Can Parsley Honey
9.  Harvest Raspberries as they ripen to hopefully get enough to make jam
10.  Harvest fireweed from yard and make jelly
11.  Harvest herbs and dehydrate.  Then store.
12.  Harvest basil, if possible and make pesto pucks for freezer.
13.  Harvest mint and make mint jelly

Sewing/Mending Goals:
1.  Make gun case for husband's birthday (uh, honey if you read this?  Surprise!)
2.  Make handkerchief's for husband's birthday and start on daughter's for Christmas
3.  Cut out and hopefully sew a couple pairs of shorts for son.
4.  Make curtains for son's room
5.  Make two hot plates.
6.  Work on embroidering pillow shams for children for Christmas.
7.  Make tablecloth for coffee table in living room.
8.  Mend husband's jeans.
9.  Start messing with sewing zippers more to be able to mend husband's jackets.
And yeah, that's the list.  Now whether I'll get even half of that done, we'll see *laugh*.  But, I have hope I can get a good portion of it done this month.

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