Friday, November 16, 2018

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Weekly Recap

Whoever said, "Time flies when you are having fun" had no idea, I think how time flies when you are just busy and trying to do ten different things at one time.  Ugh!

Bright side, despite having sick kids all the while my husband and myself have been fighting this evil bug as well, I still managed to get some stuff done, thank goodness.  Thanksgiving shopping got done, a free turkey was had (with two weeks worth of shopping getting done at one time with the husband's pay schedule on top of Thanksgiving needs...we definitely qualified for the free turkey when it was all said and done), a freezer got reorganized, TEFRA paperwork got done and submitted (and now we wait for interviews and just generally wait for everything to go through) and plans were made for the weekly menu and tentative gifts were written down for me to make for the family.  I'm definitely tired, but feeling like something got accomplished anyway.

As for the money saving things that happened this week, let's get to that shall we?

1.  My husband and I stopped by Fred Meyer when shopping to check out beef roast sales (we have like no beef, other than hamburger, in the freezer at the moment) and while there we got the free thing of potatoes I had loaded onto my card from Freebie Friday.  In other news, since we went on Friday, I completely SPACED loading the McCormick's Grill Mates freebie onto my card and am still a bit upset with myself about that.  Blah!  At least I got the preferred mashed potatoes for the daughter for Thanksgiving anyway.  And for free.  Always a nice price point :).

2.  I think I skipped through Carrs this week when I discovered their sales as it was great stocking up prices for things.  I got Stove Top stuffing for 1.66 a box, Libby's green beans for .69 per can (max of 4 on the coupon, but still...woohoo!), cheap Coke (stocked up for the son for the next little bit) and I even bought some frozen pies (both pumpkin and apple) for 2.50 each as part of 5.00 Friday.  I couldn't pass pies up at that price...I mean I can't even GET pie filling that cheap, let alone an entire pie =D.  These won't be used for Thanksgiving, but instead put aside to eat as a quick dessert throughout the coming months when we want something easy.  I even got a value pack of chicken for .79 lb as they were having a manager special on it and I couldn't say no at that price.  The way the freezer sits at the moment we have pork and chicken with a FEW things of beef and fish to scatter throughout the masses of pork and chicken.  I'd like to be better stocked up on other meats than chicken and pork, but you can't complain when you can get cheap meat, no matter what it is.

3.  My husband and I went to Michaels for the first time this week to get some t-shirt transfers as my husband wants to help me make him some t-shirts for Christmas that he'll make the designs for.  I also bought some cheap t-shirts while there as they were on sale for 3.00 each to use the transfers on.  I used a couple of coupons that Michaels had given me, loaded onto my phone, and was able to get things for much cheaper.  As soon as I realized Michaels was going to be coming to the Valley, I immediately went and signed up online for their rewards program and things so I could get the coupons *laugh*.

4.  While at Michaels I saw three packs of Scotch Tape, but nowhere the scotch tape was could you find any type of shelf tag or price point.  So we took one of the three packs to the register and got a price check on it.  The stuff rang up at 6.00 and some change!!!  I said, "no" to that one and told the husband I'd get the tape elsewhere.  And loe and behold while shopping I was able to get 3 packs of store generic tape for 2.50 each...a LOT cheaper than the brand name stuff at Michaels!

5.  I went through what food I had left after the mice got through with everything (that's still so depressing) and managed to find a few things to donate to the food bank this year.  It won't be much, some Jello and a few freebie items I got from Fred Meyer and Carrs throughout the year, but I figure something is better than nothing.

6.  I started my list of gifts for the family.  I AM planning on doing the "Gift a Day" series again this's just going to be later than I was hoping it would be.  So, yeah, watch out for that coming to the blog in the near (HOPEFULLY) future :).

7.  The husband has been helping me to clean out the garage and while he was cleaning he started pouring the tiny bits of oil that were left in different containers of oil into one container.  When I asked him about it (since it's not all the same type of automotive oil that he's saving) and what he would use it for he said the oil could easily be used to lubricate things that needed it, so he didn't want to waste it.  He's managed to recover about a quart of oil to use for that purpose out of all of the containers he had little amounts of oil left in.

8.  Confession time.  I raided the kid's Halloween candy we bought and grabbed some things of like mini-Sweet Tarts and things to use as decorations for gingerbread houses for Christmas.  It'll save me money and will work just fine and really I don't think the kids even miss the candy.

9.  Spent time this week working on getting the rest of the things that were stacked in the corner of my den that USED to be in the pantry and put those things back in the pantry as much as I could and still afford the cats an unobstructed access to the pantry.  I had to stack a few things in the laundry room, but I'm pretty much there, so I was happy with that.  Especially since I have to find room to set up the Christmas tree this week in the den, somewhere.

10.  I'd like to have a moment of silence for the loss of an old reliable friend this week.  My Columbia winter coat, that has served me loyally and well for many, many years (I got the coat as a Christmas gift from my mom in 6th grade) finally died this week.  The zipper completely split on me and there was no saving it.  My daughter tried to convince me to replace the zipper, but I showed her where the material on the actual coat was starting to disintegrate and I decided it was time to say goodbye. 

We went around to the used stores and I finally found a winter coat that I liked.  It was nice and heavy.  Not the material I would have chosen (it's got that faux suede feel to it that I know will get dirty and stay dirty), but it was nice and heavy and seemed like it would be suitably warm.  I paid 12.00 for it and got out to the car with it.  It was then my husband asked if I could wash it and I was kind of flippant saying, "I'm sure it'll be fine...".  Yeah, and then I found the care instructions and realized the coat is a 100% down coat.  So, no washing for the new coat. 

Anyone got advice on how to care for a down coat?  I've never had one before as those suckers are normally REALLY expensive and I honestly never thought I'd own one.  I'm figuring loads of Scotch Guard and waterproofing spray and yeah..past that I'm thinking I could get a dry cleaning kit and just refresh it in the dryer?  Anyone got any guidance on this one? 

And there you are folks.  My week in a nutshell.  How about you?  How did your week go?


  1. Down coats are typically very washable! I've had several over the years and washed all of them (remember, geese hang out in the water :-) . Try to find the brand of your coat and research it on line. I wash my down in the washer (tepid or warm water, not hot-though that is more about finish of coat and not down), then dry the coat on low in dryer with--YES--a couple of clean tennis balls tossed in the dryer with the coat; these will bounce around and help restore the down's loft (and yes, they do thump a bit in the dryer. When dry and puffy, hang for a day or two, then spray with best waterproof finish (Scotchguard or whatever) and you should be good to go. Washing is actually good for down, restores loft and thus coat will be warmer. Good luck!

  2. I just washed my down parka (L.L. Bean) and it says NOT to dry clean. I washed it on "bulk" and cold water and then dried in the dryer on low with a couple of dryer balls to help fluff the down (tennis balls work fine as well) - turned it inside out and hung it up overnight just to ensure there was no dampness and it came up like new! It feels lovely and fluffy again!

  3. I'm going to third the wash but not dry clean. Typically I just wash on cold or cool with a cold rinse and then hang to dry (we're really dry in the winter so it dries pretty quick). Then I put it in the dryer on air fluff with a couple of tennis balls. Hubby and I both have had two down parkas in our lifetimes and this has worked for all of them. My parents did this too - it will work.

    I've found that the LL Bean down jackets go on really good sale in about April - I think we got last one for about $40 or so, but that was 15 years ago. You got a super deal (even with the suede finish) at $12!

    It sounds like you had a pretty good week in spite of being still sick. I'm looking forward to your gift a day series! I always get so inspired!

    Have a lovely week and prayers that the illnesses leave finally,

  4. I have washed down in cool or warm, then dry on low with some tennis balls!

  5. I hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving!

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if you have received the Martha Stewart Living magazine yet? I put your name in for a free subscription.

    1. *Laugh* I was wondering where that came from! I'd had a subscription through Recyclebank and it had finally ended like a month or two ago, so I was surprised to be receiving it again. Thank you! :)

    2. Cool, so glad you received it. Enjoy!

  6. Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are all in good health and are able to enjoy time together. Think of you often and pray that you are all feeling much better from your cold bug. Ranee (MN)

  7. You can buy down wash on amazon for $8 and one bottle lasts a good long time. Wash in your bathtub and dry on low heat with tennis balls or dryer balls. I know this because I just washed my down coat for the first time :) Also, I think we have the same bug at our house right now- just this never ending awful cold.


  9. I have washed a down coat but find the feathers ball up. Throwing tennis balls in the dryer is supposed to help if you can handle the clunking noise :).