Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Monthly Goals: December 2017

 Goodness I can't believe it's the 5th already!  I've been so busy that the month is flying by so far.

When it comes to monthly goals, this is usually a month that revolves around Christmas and the preparations that go along with it.  And this year is no different.  But, this year things are a bit different when it comes to the goals.  Since I'm not in the middle of making a ton of gifts, I have time to concentrate on things I'm making for the kids and doing other Christmas activities!  My daughter is ready to burst out of her skin she's already so excited for the holidays this year, especially when we're planning on doing some fun stuff around the house, which really pleases me!

So, let's get to the goals for this month!

Sewing Goals:

  • Make Christmas gifts (one work in progress seen above)
  • Mend husband's work shirt (done)
  • Mend husband's jeans
  • Darn socks
  • Fix quilting on penguin quilt (the first quilt I ever made is currently losing it's machine quilting, probably because I didn't really understand machine tension back then.  So, I need to mend the quilting before it becomes a problem.  I am thinking of knotting it instead of requilting it.)

Christmas Goals:

  • Make gingerbread house and decorate it (this will be an experience for me as I haven't actually made a from scratch gingerbread house since I was a kid).
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Wrap Christmas gifts that are ready for under the tree (done)
  • Make Christmas gifts 
  • Go view Christmas lights on weekends (we're working on that :)
  • Make caramel hot chocolate (never had it, have white chocolate chips, so going to give it a shot)
  • Watch Christmas movies and specials until even the kids are tired of them (knowing the kids this will never happen, but hey it's worth a shot *laugh*).
  • Make pot holders for kitchen
  • Donate toy donations to "Toys for Tots".  I have a few toys I got super cheap with coupons this last week thanks to Fred Meyer's 25 Merry Days (like 2.00 or less cheap, which was really great that it worked out that way so I could afford to do it within our tight budget), so we'll donate those as a family.  The daughter is very proud of the fact that we're helping the local community :).
  • Print out pictures of kids and mail off Christmas cards (this one I'm waiting on until I know I'm done with paperwork for the son's insurance to make sure I have enough black ink).
  • Visit Shani and give her small Christmas present (did that today.  It was good to see her)
There are other things I want to get done (housework related for the most part as I'm behind on everything due to the hot water heater fiasco), but I'm going to leave the list as it stands as the things not listed I have to get caught up no matter what, so I don't see the point in adding them to the list :).

How about you?  Have anything neat planned for this month?


  1. I always enjoy your posts. How's your friend's health? I hope she's holding steady. I have a lot going on too, but I'm pacing myself. We are almost done decorating. I cleaned and organized as I pulled stuff out of the closet, so even if things aren't perfect, they are better! I have three gifts I'm working on. They're all three crochet projects and are almost finished. I'm making simple meals after work; that helps a lot.

    1. Shani is doing the best she can. Lots of nausea, but she's able to combat it with different herbs and things. She's inoperable, so right now it is just trying to have a good quality of life in the time she has left. She's at least in decent spirits. She even has a boyfriend!

    2. Hi Erika, I was going to ask about Shani too. I pray for her every day. Is she taking chemo? I ask because of the nausea reference.
      Your embroidery is beautiful - is that on a gift for your daughter?

  2. Thank you for sharing about Shani, I have been wondering.

    When my boys were small we made gingerbread house every year except I did it the easy way. I gave each one a small cardboard box and we cut it so it had a pointed roof. Then I made a big batch of icing, they would smear it over the box and stick graham crackers for bricks and leftover Halloween candy all over it for decorations. They got to eat them all during the holiday season so they would put their favorite candy all over them. We set them out for decorations and I allowed them to munch as they wished. This was a BIG treat since I always limited their sweets when they were small.

    Once I tried making one from scratch and it was not easy. It was hard to get the walls to be strong enough to hold up the roof. That was before Pinterest so I am sure there are better recipes out there now.

    Take pictures!

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry