Thursday, March 2, 2017

Monthly Goals: March 2017

Well, officially I'm pretty sure I got nothing done on my goals list for last month.  I'm just kind of glad the month is over, honestly, and I can just start fresh this month.  I at least got things done last month...just nothing on my list.

I've got a bunch of different goals this month.  One big one is I'm attempting to make my laundry room into the "cat room" as I like to call it.  I realized now that Ginger is gone that I have an opportunity to try to nip some of the negative behaviors she would teach the new cat in the bud.  A big one is that she loved to claw at the carpet edges.  I noticed Prince trying to claw at the same areas the other night and realized that a new scratching post for downstairs is definitely on the agenda.  Belkar, bless her, loves scratching posts and goes for those before she'll claw anything else, so I'm hoping that Prince learns from her and not from the scratched spots on the carpet.

When I looked around downstairs on where to put things like a scratching post, I decided that the best spot to put one would be in the laundry room with the rest of the cat things.  So, I'm going to reuse an old, but in good condition scratching post (with a bit of refurbishing) in the laundry room. 

So, anyway, gutting and redoing the laundry room is definitely on the agenda this month.

I'm also hoping to finish up cleaning and organizing the master bedroom as I would like to get that done up right for a change, instead of it looking like a catch all room all the time.

And then, there is the goal of "begin premature Spring cleaning" as I keep wanting to start cleaning and preparing for Spring to get here even though we have TONS of snow on the ground and things, so I figure cleaning and getting the house better prepared for Spring isn't going to put me back any doing it  bit early.  This way I'm kind of hoping, too, when Spring gets here (if it ever gets here the way the weather is going) that I'll be able to focus my energies on the barn and the yard to expand the garden and get ready for hens :).

So, here's hoping I can get some of this stuff done.  So far it's looking kind of sad on the "getting things done around the house" front.  This week has been busy, but not around the house.  Next week alone I have appointments three days of the week and it isn't much better later in the month. So, yeah, getting things done around here is going to be a challenge.  Not that I've ever shied from a challenge anyway, but we'll see how it goes :).

Cleaning/Organizing Goals:
  • Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom
  • Gut and reorganize laundry room for cats
  • Dig a path to the deck so husband can take garbage to the dump later on
  • Start finding a good system to separate recycling (turns out about 90% of our garbage around here, which we don't really have much of, is recyclable, so we want to start doing that since it's free and at the dump anyway).  We normally go through one large trashcan of garbage a week and the majority of that is things like milk jugs, so I'm really looking forward to how much actual garbage we'll be down to once we start recycling things.  And the center isn't that far from my house, so I can do recycling without my husband's help :).
  • Start "pre-Spring" cleaning

Sewing Goals:
  • Work on mending
  • Work on embroidery projects (hopefully!)

Other Goals:
  • Sign up son for Special Olympic swimming program (got all the paperwork to fill out, so step one complete)
  • Get son physical for said Special Olympics (appointment made)
  • Get son through eye exam and pray that if he needs glasses he'll be good about wearing them *fingers, toes and eyes crossed*
  • Pray that husband hears from the job he really wants (he did get called in for another interview on the other job he has an inside track on and is going in for said interview tomorrow).  Either way here's hoping that he gets a good job, with enough pay we can make bills without panicking every month and one that he'll enjoy doing.  Praying hard.
  • Get through other appointments without issue this month.

And, yeah, that is about it for goals for this month, not that isn't enough or anything.  How about you?  Up to anything this month?


  1. We have a big wooden box, divided into 4 compartments in the garage for our recyling. Tom put it together a while ago... it's been very useful for keeping things sorted - and reused odd bits of wood that had been cluttering up the garage as well..
    if it's an option, I'd recommend it :)

  2. You have some fabulous goals! You're always busy, aren't you?
    My main goal this month is to take care of ME. Iv'e discovered that the local Tribal Center has a walking area on the third floor. Every 22 laps is one mile. For the months of March and April, for every mile you walk you get a great, homemade, wooden token good for one dollar off fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. I want to walk three miles a day, Mon. Through Fri. both months. (I turned 60 this year so I'm shooting for 60 miles each month.) This is on top of other things I do.
    My husband and I have volunteered for the Special Olympics in years past. We had more fun than the kids! Now that we're in the middle of nowhere, that opportunity is gone. Your son will have a blast! You will, too!

  3. Wow I wish we had so little trash!! Its at least 3 bags a week for us. We recycled i Texas, it was curbside but here, we just don't have the opportunity.

    I feel a little bad, we have had the mildest winter in like 50 years, its so beautiful and warm, and here youve gotten all kinds of snow! I started my tomato and pepper seeds indoors about 10 days ago. The tomatos are not about an inch high, no action on the peppers yet but I had hoped starting early wohld mean harvest sooner, and helthjer plants.

    Yesterday my husband got called in the principals office. I always forget, teachers are year to year. And this year, theres one too many 5th grade teachers for in the fall. Its either going to be him, or the newest 5th grade teacher. He and I are both feeling sick with worry. He has had to move his classroom 4 times in 4 years since we moved here, between switching grades and schools, and that is slightly the nature of the beast until you've been there 5 or more years and are kind of a permanent fixture, but the thing thats worrying is, is while the other 5th grade teacher SHOULD be the one to go, since its her first year, the 3rd 5th grade teacher with the most seniority wants to do do closed classroom, no switches, which means my husband, who was teaching math and science has to do va history and english as well. Which he has no experience in, while the newer teacher does. But she doesn't have as much experience in math and science. So its just comes down to which teacher they think can do it better. And I hate that. I pray we get through this, and he can stay there until a position one day would be better. We both dread him starting over again, but for me, its because the stress and new surroundings don't do well for him with his ADD. And it would be very tense around here for that gear, then the year after. We had finally gotten to a not as stressful spot with the job. Arggggh!!!

    Meantime, I am going to try and focus on the good and getti g stuff done. Still need to get the upstairs ready for family, its one massive catch all right now, getting the garden prepped (our cat has been using it as a litter box grrrrrr) and the best thing, the book fair happens this month!! 3 warehouses filled with books 50-90% off, all kinds of recent titles and theyve posted previews of so many I want for myself or the kids, so I specifically set aside part of the budget last month and this so I can get them.

    I hope your shoulder is doing better??

  4. I would start clipping the cats nails. I know everyone thinks this is difficult but it is not. It will take about a month to train them to accept this. Start by petting them once a day and rubbing all their feet and spreading their toes apart. I keep a few treats so they think of this as a good thing . After a few days of doing this then I use a pair of regular nail clippers and I make the clipping sound with the feet rubbing. Again give a few simple treats during this time. Once they are really comfortable with both the touching and the clicking then clip just one nail. reward the cat immediately and then do a second nail the next night. Once they equate the clipping as a non painful and reward based interaction they will gladly let you do their whole paw at a single time. Good luck.

  5. Please let us know right away when your husband's employment gets settled. I'm sending good thoughts your way.
    How has the meal planning been going? Perhaps with everything going on, you've put that on the back burner. I often do that thinking it'll be one less thing to do when I'm stretched to the max, but it usually winds up costing me more because we get fast food too often without a plan, wind up throwing food away, etc.
    I'm working in my garden and flower beds a little bit and will continue this month. I've planted broccoli and cauliflower, but deer ate all the plants except two. It's still chilly most nights, so I can't plant much else. I could get more violas for my front flower bed, though.
    I'm also working on my wardrobe and closet this month. My closet really needs a reset button!