Monday, January 23, 2017

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

The best laid plans of mice and monthly goals got kind of blown out of the water the last few days.

First there was yesterday.  My husband ran the snow blower and then attempted to go into Anchorage with his brother to help a friend out, but the weather was so awful they turned around finally and barely made it back to the Valley without getting stuck.  So, he was gone during the time when I had hoped he'd be able to entertain the son so I could make towels. 

Then last night, my son kept walking by me and I'd smell something fruity.  It kept nagging at me as the smell seemed familiar, but I thought maybe he'd just gotten into some of my daughter's body mist again and spritzed his blanket by mistake.

Finally the brain kicked in and I realized where I knew the smell from.  The kid's shampoo.  Went into his room and sure enough he had wanted the squeeze bottle from the shampoo and had emptied out the last 1/4 bottle onto his carpet in different locations.  What I was smelling was probably the shampoo on his feet and the smell wafting from his room.

So, out came the cleaning equipment, including the carpet shampooer, while my husband gave the son a bath so the soap didn't burn him being left on him too long.  Once I got done running my "I hate to run on carpet even though I'm a CARPET shampooer" carpet cleaning machine for an arms were totally shot.  An hour running the carpet shampooer with normal arms would always leave me feeling like I got a workout.  This time I knew I was barely going to be able to move my arms by morning.  And hey, guess what?  I was right!

On top of everything my son refused to sleep at all last night and my daughter ended up with her stomach cycling yesterday and was still dealing with the after effects today, so both kids were home from school today (eczema flare due to shampoo incident on the son's part combined with not sleeping last night).  It was a long Sunday.  Topped off with my husband saying at dinner that he needed to get a tooth pulled today (the future extraction that we knew was coming) as it was starting to hurt in a familiar way. 

So, he ended up at the dentist today and got his tooth pulled and then had his truck die on the way home at the gas station.  Luckily, he was able to search the internet for a solution to the problem and found that in a lot of cases it had to do with the programming on the key for the truck (it would turn over, but it wouldn't stay running), so he tried it while waiting for his brother to come and tow him home and it worked.

So, yeah, it's been a trip the last few days.  Luckily, once I knew my husband was going in to get his tooth pulled, I quickly redid my menu plan, pulled out a pot roast and threw it into the crock pot early so it would be falling apart by dinner time and pulled out the last of the russet potatoes for baked potatoes tonight (I figure if nothing else he'll be up to chewing that and some canned peaches, so he'll get something to eat.  We'll have some pudding for dessert).  Thank goodness for technology that I can do things like that without worrying about having to use my arms too much.  Blessing for sure!

So, anyway, due to all of this, the towels got bumped till tomorrow in favor of sitting with a heating pad on and popping Ibuprofen while taking care of a kid with flared eczema due to the shampoo bit and a daughter who is still sore and weak feeling after yesterday.

BUT!  I did get some things done this week!  So, yay for that!

I did get the handkerchiefs made Saturday (seen up top).  I actually found I had a bunch of handkerchiefs already cut out and ready to sew (had been washed too boot) as I've been slowly, when I have fabric scraps of the right types of fabric that will work for handkerchiefs I've been cutting them out after washing the fabric and just setting them in the pile to sew later.  So, that saved time.  I ended up with a couple of different sizes, which I really don't care if some are smaller or a bit larger than the store bought handkerchiefs you can buy.  Let's face it, they're handkerchiefs!  Who cares if the size is a bit off.  You're going to use it as a tissue!

I also mended my daughter's teddy bear (photo didn't come out on that one, so I'll have to show that photo later :).  I used some off white fleece that I had and just cut out rectangles that would fit over the hands with some room to spare (to fold over the fabric to give a nice clean edge) and then I just followed the edge of the hand with the fabric, sewing as I went.  I did both hands so they'd match, for one, and because my daughter had started to pluck the teddy bear's other hand, for two. 

I got a good portion of my Amazon order in and found room for it all, but I'm still waiting on tuna salad and Hershey's Chocolate chips (not to mention my memory foam pad and the laundry system I ordered) and Amazon supposedly shipped them via USPS like Saturday and they're set to be here Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  I've never known USPS to move that quickly up here, but I guess we'll see if someone at Amazon screwed things up again with the shipping or not *sigh*.

I got a path shoveled on the deck, just in time for the temperatures to tank big time and then it snowed again, so I have to shovel off the deck at some point just for the sake of my husband being able to get to the garbage for dump day...or build a snow fort out there, which actually sounds more fun *laugh*.  I doubt it's happening within the next few days, though, as I'm pretty crippled up at the moment.

So, onto this week's goals!

Sewing Goals:
  • Work on comforters (didn't get to that last week, unfortunately)
  • Sew kitchen towels
  • Sketch embroidery onto pillow cases 
  • Darn some socks

General Goals:
  • Shovel path across deck, again, at least, and preferably start to get some of the rest of the deck shoveled off.
  • Redo menu plan for the next few days to make sure soft foods are on the menu for the sake of the husband's mouth.  Finalize and post.
  • Get right arm to start moving again (please, oh please) without a lot of pain.
  • Get caught up on housework.  Between the son having some issues one morning with not letting me know he needed toilet maintenance done (there that sounds less gross) and a sick cat Saturday, a lot of bedding ended up getting stacked in the laundry room.  As a result, I'm a bit behind on laundry...not terrible, but once the kids are in school tomorrow that is definitely a priority.
  • Start weeding through things in master bedroom closet.
  • Go through unfinished knitting projects and rip apart any that don't need to be finished to save the yarn for something else (like the baby blanket I started to knit ages ago for some birth in the family and ended up making and giving something else everyone in the family has at least two kids, I'm not worrying about baby shower gifts anymore :).
  • Talk to friends who own chickens and see where a good source to get some nice, hearty, cold weather breeds would be so I can get a bead on how much some chickens might cost come Spring (I hope anyway).
And yeah, that's about it for goals this week that I wrote down anyway.  How about you?  Working on anything?


  1. Wow. Your sunday sounds as rough as mine was.

    My 4 year old ended up haging flylu type a. Its weird, that never crossed my mind because i5 just seemed like he needed the nebulizer, but nope. Flu type a. I'm so grateful the doctors office has emergency clinic on weekends. We go5 there 30 min before they opened, and my husband thought I was crazy, but we were seen 2nd. 5 min before they opened there were 13 kids on the sign in sheet, and since they are only there for 2 hours, they stopped taking walk ins. So anyway, went to walkart to fill his tamaflu and was told they were out. Maybe tuesday or Wednesday they would get more. So I called around. And around. Every pharmacy and grocery store. I was starting to cry when a lady went past and said call the hospital. I checked a few last places, then called the hospital and they had it. Meantime at walmart I had filled his perscription for a steriod and another inhaler. It was an expensive sunday. Monday I had such bad chest pains from coughing, I broke down and went to the doctor and I have bronchitis. Yay. They gave me a cough medicine perscription but I'm not going to fill it. I doubt it will do more than over the counter stuff.

    What stinks though, is everytime I am sick, my husband gets sick. And to him, its 15 times worse. So I'm barely bale to make dinner, falling asleep while standing up kind of tired, but up til 10 putting away dinner, getting the kids to sleep, etc. The house is a disaster and there are 6 loads of laundry on the sofa. I'll have to get it after work. I don't know the last time I slept for more than a few hours. It really stinks. Sometimes I think men have it so easy.

    I really can't wait to hear about your laundry system. I wonder how it works. I had to buy some detergent this past week.

    I really hope your arm improves. Its been messed up for quite a while. Maybe you should get it looked at again.

  2. I am always impressed by your ability to cope and remain positive under difficult circumstances. You rock!

  3. Amazing what you get done when you are in such pain. Have you found out what is wrong with your arms and what can be done to improve the situation?

    1. Bicep tendinitis combined with frozen shoulder in my left arm. Not much can be done other than doing the stretches and physical therapy types of things to keep mobility going. Hoping to get to a chiropractor soon to see if adjustments to my back and neck might help alleviate the situation. Of course that also requires money,so hopefully sometime soon.

  4. Do you have a address or po box where someone could send you a gift.

    1. Hey savannah, e-mail me at and we'll chat. I don't want to post up my address for the world to see :).

  5. Has your Dr ever suggested a prescription strength anti inflammatory/steroid such as prednisone? I find that it is the only thing that knocks the inflammation out when I have bicep tendinitis. OTC don't even touch it.

    1. I actually tried a prescription strength anti-inflammatory and it didn't do anything, but I just realized after you said this that I do have a small script for prednisone in my medicine cabinet that she had given me in case I needed it. I might try it and see if I can get the inflammation to go down in my left arm (oh I hope!). Thanks!

  6. Oh Erika, what a crazy week you have had!
    As for me, I am coming out of the fog of depression from my boys leaving home. I don't know what to do with all the food in the refrigerator. I can't close the door. I even had to take things out and rearrange them. Nothing is disappearing like it did when they were here. I haven't even gone to the grocery since last week. This is really a different life.
    On a positive note, I heard from Reese for the first time since he left. He sent me an email with no words, only pictures of him ON A MOTORCYCLE!!!!! NO helmet, NO license, NO insurance, NO knowledge how to drive one and NO TRAINING WHEELS! I replied with one word, "Nooooooooooooooooooooo".
    Erika, right now it is shampoo on the carpet while your back is turned, just wait, next it will be a motorcycle.
    Oops. Was I supposed to cheer you up and offer words of encouragement? I think I blew it.

    1. I'm glad that boy isn't my son. I'd get grey hairs while my husband would be all proud of him *laugh*.

      My husband keeps talking about getting my son a go-cart and I have MUCH the same reaction as you did when you saw the pictures with the motorcycle. A shudder went down my spine thinking about it.

  7. As Jeannie said, what a week! The hankerchiefs look great! And great goals!

    My biggest goal for the coming week has to do with blogging, and tackling the back end of my blog. I'm not a computer person by inclination, so I'm learning by trial and error. But I shall persevere! As you do! :)

  8. You have had a tough week. I'm sorry. I'm glad your husband's tooth issue is being taken care of. Mine just broke a piece off of one of his a few days ago. Today, it's starting to hurt badly. He hoped to wait until the dentist had an opening on his next day off--but they aren't open on Friday, which is the day. The next one is Feb. 20. He can't wait that long. So, he's going to have to take time off, probably unpaid. Bummer in more than one way, especially for him.

    So, our goal this week is to get that tooth taken care of.

    Another goal is to take care of my niece and nephew for 2 nights, after which we will take them over to the coast to join their parents who are helping with a high school retreat. So, that's a lot of work, even though it's fun work. My niece is autistic and doesn't like changes, such as staying over here (I'll be lucky to sleep in my own bed for 1 night), and my nephew, who is quite special needs as well, changes activities every 3 minutes. Literally. So, I'll be busy. I will be paid for this through DD services, so that will make a nice paycheck this month with a little extra in it. Perhaps a dental bill, anyone???? :)

  9. Jeannie,
    Maybe you've already said but where did your sons go? School? How old are they and is this the first time they've moved out? I have 9 children but only 1 left at home. I do NOT look forward to him leaving. I'm not ready to be an empty nester yet. Lynn

    1. My oldest, Joshua has a Master's Degree but it has been almost impossible to find a good job. Companies are hiring the youth now part-time only to avoid paying benefits. However, it looks like he will FINALLY be put on permanent at his present company at the end of next month. Yea! Insurance. He is living with my Mom in Nashville until then. They are both taking care of each other.

      My second son Dustin, is returning to college. He is getting a degree in Electrical Engineering at Tennessee Tech. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE SCHOOL!!!! They have messed up his schedule AGAIN. He will be required AGAIN to take an extra whole semester for just ONE class. They have more students than they have room for and won't move the class to a larger room nor give him an exemption to let him in. He could have graduated this year but is now required to take another WHOLE year. He has fought all the way to the top. No one would listen or help. It was heartbreaking to watch him fight and beg only to be turned down at every level. I have cried, prayed and lost sleep over this. It will cost him a fortune in living expenses, lost wages and school tuition (no financial help for part-time). He tried everything. Nothing worked. No one would listen. It is hard to believe something this horrible could happen; it just seems impossible, but is true. Cold hearted people are in power.

      My youngest son, Reese has graduated and gotten a four month internship at a research company in east Tennessee. He may or may not be back home, probably not. He will make friends, contacts and be off to who knows where. Hopefully not on a new motorcycle.

      So this time it was bittersweet to see them go.

    2. UPDATE: Maybe, maybe, maybe...there might be hope. Dustin sent me an email this evening and maybe, maybe, maybe they might possibly, perhaps, offer the class in the fall of next year so he does not have to go an extra semester. He heard through the grapevine (and we know how accurate that is) that there were quite a few other students in the same situation as he is in so they "might" offer another class. He has already sent a letter to everyone and their uncle requesting the class be offered, but this is the second time this has happened so we are not sure it will be offered.
      To the unknown person who read this and prayed for me, I know it was your prayer that made the difference. I humbly thank you.

    3. I know summer is normally a reimbursement semester, which stinks if you have grants to help pay for school and such, but could he possibly take the course in the summer? When I was in college in my Junior year my college suddenly decided that the business department needed to be downsized or something and I was suddenly staring at the quite realistic future of the marketing program getting canned completely my senior year. I was panicking as, if they did that, I'd have about three more years of school to get through as the marketing courses didn't do anything for the other business degrees offered in courses and all of my electives were already full. My grandma loaned me the money to take two summer courses that year to get courses I couldn't get into in the fall out of the way, which I was later super grateful for as it wiped out an entire YEAR off of my course schedule doing that. I took 18 credits every semester the next two years, worked my butt off and worked four jobs sometimes and got out with a dual major degree in under five years. Now mind you, I don't remember a couple of my classes (I look at it bemused as I got an A in each class that I don't remember somehow *laugh*), but I got out of there before the marketing department went through major redoes and things, so it was totally worth it to avoid having to worry about more debt at the end.

      I feel for you and Dustin. I'm praying for you both!

  10. Jeannie, if they are in Tenn, are you nearby? I'm in Virginia. :)

    1. Sarah, I am in lower middle Tennessee. Fifty miles south of Nashville.