Monday, January 9, 2017

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

First, thanks for all the advice on the ranch dressing and all of the nice feedback people have been giving me about the blog.  I really appreciate it :).

I have to say as weeks go this one was productive if nothing else.  The one thing I didn't get done was doing my post on what my yearly goals are going to be this year (I've added and deleted a few as I thought of them and finally I THINK got my goals figured out), but I got some other things accomplished.  So, let's get to those!

This week was kind of a Domino effect to get  things better organized.  See, it started with the cabinet above.

By the way, notice the lack of a hood vent?  Yeah, the previous owners literally just took a hood and butted it up against the underside of the cabinet and didn't bother to put a vent anywhere, so I really don't have a hood to speak of...unless I want to blow smoke into my face when I grill steak on the oven top.  At least I have a window in the kitchen right? 

Anyway, this cabinet being kind of awkwardly placed (obviously) I had actually started out with my cookbooks up in the cabinet.  Well, then I found myself stacking new books when I'd get them in other places, including a bookcase by the deck door in my kitchen, and then the books kind of started getting stacked under my coffee table because I wasn't sure where to put some books that didn't really belong with a certain subject and such.  In short it became kind of a mess and I got tired of the stacks of books around the house.
So, I decided the best place to put the books was going to be in the china cabinet on the bottom shelf (because I can't really put books anywhere else in the china cabinet because of the glass shelves held in place with tabs).

So, that led me to having to move my collection of Blue Cornflower Corelleware because I needed the space they were (really crappily, honestly) stacked.  So, the loaf pan and the tea pot (both of which I use quite often) went up on top of the oven where the cookbooks used to go and the rest of the Corelleware ended up here...

Which the picture doesn't do how nice it looks justice, really, but you get the idea.  I moved the things that were on top of the cabinets in the corner to other places on top of my kitchen cabinets and voila.  After about a day's worth of work I got my cookbooks moved *laugh*.

And bright side the pressure cooker is right at home above the stove now and it will be nice and sequestered there.

Today I spent most of the day rearranging my son's room, for what, the seven millionth time in the last five years?  In this case I had three main objectives.  One:  Get the small dresser I had in his room for sheet storage OUT of his room because he was wrecking it by standing on it all the time.  Two:  Move his barrel somewhere more protected so he wasn't constantly knocking it into the wall when standing on it (the paint on either side of his bed is definitely showing the wear and tear he's subjected it to).  And three:  Move his bed out from under the fan so that he couldn't mess with the fan all the time (he loves to turn it on high and then his heater cycles constantly.  Um, no).  So, I jammed his barrel into the corner of his room, with a piece of plywood I had on one side of the barrel against the wall and then on the other wall I placed a large amount of folded up cardboard to act as a buffer for the wall.  I then placed a piece of yellow flannel I had in my material over the top of the barrel as one more layer of protection for the wall.  As a further deterrent to not stand on the barrel I grabbed the lamp I normally use for extra light when sewing and put that in his room (he loves lamps).  Remember.  Sacrifice for your children and then one day when they want to put you into a home you can lay on the guilt and shame to dissuade them ;).

I moved the sheet storage dresser into the living room/dining room area for now until I can figure out somewhere better to place it.

I also removed the extra mattress we were letting him bounce on and put it down into the den so that I can move it out into storage (in preparation to taking it to the dump on the Valley clean up day later in the year) after I put the Christmas decorations in storage for the year (it's been too cold for my wussy butt to go and mess around in the storage van lately).  The mattress was just one more obstacle to get in my way when vacuuming and it blocked the closets, so it had to go.
I was wondering what my son would think of everything when he came home from school.  If the happy shrieks I heard from upstairs and the fact that he hasn't been out of his room since he came home...I'd say he's content.  I even managed to get all of his bedding cleaned well and put back on his bed before he got home from school, so he wrapped himself up in his furry throw he got for Christmas and has been having a blast.  He was so cute I had to include him in the picture *laugh*.

Oh and we found the missing movies we couldn't find (well most of them), so yay!!!

So, goals for this week are going to be kind of mixed.

General Goals:
  • Get PFD's filed for year (done!  I got it done yesterday).
  • Get Christmas decorations moved out into storage
  • Get extra mattress moved into storage
  • Get rest of Christmas decorations taken down in preparation of going into storage (got that done today too)
  • Continue to go through things and figure out what can be donated to used stores
  • Get laundry folded and put away (no comment on the sheer amount of clean laundry that needs to be put away at this point...everything took a back seat to making Christmas gifts so I'm behind.  Bad). 
  • Start working on reorganizing master bedroom.

Sewing Goals:
  • Continue to mend comforters (got a couple more holes mended in some comforters today...getting there).
  • Sew handkerchiefs
  • Sew kitchen towels

And there you are folks.  My goals for this week.  How about you?  Up to anything this week?


  1. Have you considered storing the extra sheets between the box springs and mattresses in your room and your daughters? I have stored mine there for 2-3 years with no issues. Then maybe you can eliminate the dresser all together....

    1. I would do something like that, but my son can go through four sets of sheets a night, so we have a LOT of sheets. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I might do that with ny daughter's extra sheets.

  2. His room looks nice. You did a good job and I'm glad he liked it.

    I worked today decluttering and organizing our craft-computer-catchall room and it looks so much better.
    Tomorrow is cleaning

  3. My FAVORITE post of the year because it has your son in it. He has really grown, oh my. How are you keeping him in clothes? Oh, and the room looks great, organized and uncluttered. Everything my house is NOT right now.

  4. I love the snugly picture of your son. :)