Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Menu Plan for Week of 1/09/17

One of these weeks I'll actually get this up on Monday.  In the meantime, though, let's get to this week's menu plan.

First, I wanted to share the cookie recipe I made that I put fig jam into the middle of (as well as the raspberry the recipe calls for).  It was this one and I have to say that when we first got the cookies all put together and put the sugar on top...they were weird.  Good, but weird.  My husband called them "ponuts" as a cross between a pie and a doughnut and actually...he was spot on.  That's kind of what they tasted like.  Now, if you leave them overnight and eat them the next day?  The moisture from the jam absorbs into the cookies and all the flavors meld and they just...they're really good!  We've found ourselves kind of addicted to these *laugh*.  Just a warning though?  This dough was awful to work with.  If you let it sit in the fridge and it sets up it takes FOREVER for it to work it's way back to a workable state and the dough is so soft that it loves to fall apart.  But, if you can get it to work it's worth it :).

I'm planning on working into more "variety menu plans" probably next week as this week I have a pinch nerve in my shoulder and I've had a constant headache for four days straight due to it.  I'm still getting stuff done because I refuse NOT to, but it's making being creative on the menu planning front kind of hard as thinking is at a premium the last little bit.  And with all the stuff I'm working on getting done around here this week, I just wanted to keep the menu plan kind of simple for the sake of my energy levels and sanity.

So, here you are folks.  This week's menu!

Menu for Week of 1/09/17
Monday:  Baked lemon pepper fish, lemonade (from the lemonade concentrate from the pantry...the lemonade came out tasting good once reconstituted), french fries (for son) and tatar tots (for the rest of us).

Tuesday:  Tacos (leftovers from Sunday)

Wednesday:  Pancakes with choice of syrup (rose hip syrup, blueberry syrup or pancake syrup, from pantry), grilled ham (leftovers from Christmas from freezer), sliced pears.

Thursday:  Easy to stuff manicotti, garlic toast on home made bread

Friday:  Meatloaf (use combo of ground turkey and ground beef), mashed potatoes and gravy, corn (from freezer)

Saturday:  Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken (use evaporated milk instead of heavy cream, use diced canned tomatoes instead of sun dried tomatoes, use some spinach from freezer instead of fresh).

Sunday:  Sloppy Joes (use mainly beans and veggies for mix, but add a bit of leftover meatloaf for added substance), fruit cocktail.
Desserts:  Chocolate chip cookie bars (just kind of a "grab if you want" type of dessert), vanilla pudding (Thursday), cherry pie -- using one jar cherry pie filling from pantry (pad out filling with buttered bread crumbs...old WWII rationing trick that works pretty good)...Saturday.

And there you are folks.  My menu plan for the week.  I'm hoping to get my feet wet making things like steel cut oats in my new pressure cooker this weekend for breakfast, but we'll see how my head and me in general feels :).


  1. Truly sounds delicious!!! Love this week's menu!

  2. When I make sloppy joes I added grated carrots and chopped green peppers (from the freezer) and no one seems to notice. I never thought of adding beans. Good idea!

  3. Found almost same recipe but different name for the chicken I think on interest. Your menu sounds very good. Cheryl

  4. I came to visit you from Vickie's. That's a good tip about padding out pie filling with breadcrumbs, I always want a FULL pie (instead of jam between crusts) so I'm going to try that.

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  5. Since I overspent on groceries last week, going to just get a few things tomorrow, but thats ok because I have meals plannes for the rest of the month. This week doing simple stuff, and since I am sick thats fine with me. Last night eas baked potato bar, tonight spaghetti, then sausage and fall veggies cooked in the pan at the same time, ham cassarolle and spinach and cheese tortellini soup with grilles cheese.

    December's bills are rolling in now. They are higher than I thought so it might be a little scramble. I'll have to crack down on Jan and Feb.

  6. Thanks for sharing the chicken recipe. I think my family might like it as well. However, I'm thinking I would cut the chicken up into bite sized chunks to make it easier to cooking and so I can use less chicken but still stretch for everyone. Love the idea of replacing the cream with evaporated milk as I never buy cream...I will definitely try that.

    Out of curiousity, what is "easy to stuff manicotti"? Do you have a recipe you could share? Thanks!

    1. I use this recipe...


      But I omit the ground beef in the sauce and just use regular tomato sauce on top instead. I also, when string cheese is expensive, just get a block of mozzarella and cut rectangular logs out of it for the stuffing and then shred the same block for the cheese topping. Works great and people really do love it. I also 1/2 the recipe down to seven manicotti as I found 1/2 a box of manicotti fills my 7x9 baking dish perfectly and is more than enough food for us :).

    2. Thank you. That really is an easy recipe!