Monday, August 1, 2016

Shopping Goals: August 2016

I feel really good about shopping goals for last month.  With the exception of getting a lot of cheap produce stocked up and getting canned green beans in any great quantity, I got all of my goals accomplished.  I really appreciate the blessings that allowed that to happen and have thanked the Good Lord repeatedly for them :).

The garden's productivity is definitely falling off.  I still have a few young Swiss chard plants that I am hoping will grow a bit more and I also have one adult plant that is finally suffering less slug damage, so I'm hoping the leaves will get bigger yet before it bolts.

Believe it or not I still have three lettuce plants that I grew from the seeds Jeannie sent me and they are filling in nicely since I thinned the lettuce plants, so I'm hopeful that I might have lettuce through the first half of August if they don't bolt.  Fingers crossed :).

Past harvesting some lettuce and peas from the garden and some rose hips and a few straggler raspberries from the yard I just have to nurse my seedlings and see how far they get before it gets too cold.  Temps are already getting down into the 40's at night, so we'll see how it goes.

Shopping Goals:  August 2016

Regular Stores:
  • Pears (these are running 1.49 lb at Fred Meyer this week, so I'm hoping to get enough to can some)
  • Zucchini (if cheap)
  • Apples (if they start to come into season and get cheap)
  • Other cheap produce (if I run into any)
  • Sugar (I'd like to get another 25 lb bag of it this month)
  • Olive Oil (or bulk store, depending where the big bottles go cheaper) 

Bulk Stores
  • 2 Big Blocks of Cheese (if I can swing that it will last us for a good couple of months worth of meals)
  • Butter
  • Garbage Bags
  • Freezer Bags
  • Dry cured salami (for the pantry)
  • Coffee 
LDS Cannery
  • Regular Rolled Oats
  • Hot chocolate mix
And yeah, that is about it in the way of shopping goals for the month.  How about you?  


  1. So a quick do you store your sugar? The other year I stored extra in the garage freezer becuse of ants, but it got lumpy and had a sljght taste and smell.

  2. I store mine in a food grade five gallon bucket with a sealing lid. We pick them up at a local hardware store. When I need sugar in the kitchen I keep a plastic disposable cup in the bucket as a scoop and then scoop the sugar into a large Tupperware storage container that sits on my kitchen counter (I love Tupperware :).

    1. Hmm. Ok. Thank you!!! A woman at church was going to be picking up some buckets with gama lids for me, just in case when our cannery a few hours awa y opens, they have bulk beans, so I might get one for the sugar, if I end up getting good enough deals on it this fall.

      I just thought of another question, LOL! You know everything, so I'm hoping you know this... I have a canvas tote bad that each sunday I lug around 20lbs of primary stuff, and the strap broke on one side sunday. So since I can't really sew well, would a regular needle and thred work or is there some sort of magic glue that would hold that handle in place? Considering when goodwill had a ton of them brand new, and i realized later they were gift with purchase lancome bags, it's held up great for 2 years.

    2. Sarah, you could also try hitting up your local grocery store that has an in-store bakery. They get big buckets of icing for cakes, and some are kind enough to give them away for free when they are empty. Just make sure to ask for the lid as well as the bucket.

      As for your bag strap, I highly doubt that glue will hold up to the strain of carrying stuff in the bag. You would be best to sew it instead. If you know someone at your church or a friend that sews, that would be an even better solution.

    3. Sarah, If you have a shoe repair close by, I would take your bag there to have the handle resewn. They will have the needle, thread, and machine to do a heavy-duty job such as a handle on a tote bag. Chris