Monday, June 20, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

 Well, when it came to goals last week, it was one of those weeks where I didn't get my original list accomplished, but ended up adding more and more stuff to the list.  So, I got a lot done...just not everything I originally wrote down.

We had a heat wave most of the week.  My son HATES heat.  So, instead of working downstairs on sewing projects, I mainly worked upstairs sitting under a fan keeping cool and juggling a cranky kiddo while trying to keep everything cool enough to be tolerable by bedtime.

Then there was everything we did Saturday as soon as the weather started cooling down and the bulk things I bought while regular grocery shopping that I had to find room for.

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the afternoon processing twenty ears of corn.  I got 18 cups of corn out of the ears, blanched and froze it in 1 to 2 cup containers. That should be enough corn to see us through about a year (we don't eat a ton of corn :).  So yay for variety on veggies this coming winter!

Today, it was cool and overcast, but the weather is looking to start heating up again (maybe), so I got up this morning and immediately started canning to get that done in case the weather got hot again.

I processed and canned the nectarines I bought Thursday (seen up top).  Word to the wise.  In Alaska I've never run into easy release stone fruits (oh how I wish I did).   Do not, while fighting to get fruit that does not want to release it's pit no matter what, jam a piece of pit under your thumb nail and immediately go to put said fruit into lemon juice laced water.  You might teach your children a few new words.  Or have a religious experience.  Or both *laugh*.

Anyway, I canned the nectarines and then I made a couple half pints of yellow mustard and canned those and then made dinner.

While everyone was eating dinner I canned this...

Strawberry rhubarb pie filling.

Just as an aside here.  I recently bought Ball's Home Preserving book, which was last year's edition (I guess there's a newer one out still).  I REALLY wanted to like the book.  I really did.  But, so far, I really kind of dislike it.  A lot of recipes are plain missing.  There's no condiment section, so no mustard or ketchup are in the book.  And the above recipe is missing as well.  The new recipes the book brags up seem to all be recipes for freezing or recipes using some of the canned goods from earlier in the book.  Really disappointing.  I think I'll skip their latest book and just buy myself a copy of the Complete Book of Home Preserving again when mine wears out.

Anyway, I also reset the hallway closet a bit this weekend to make room for some things I had cluttering up the sides of the kitchen (like my thermal cooker).  I also got my garden goals (with the exception of planting seeds) accomplished this week as well.  So, really with the exception of deep cleaning children's rooms and getting some sewing done, I did pretty well.  Especially with all the other stuff that ended up going on (including spending more time in the garden than I planned fighting bugs).

So, onto this week's goals!

Sewing Goals:
  • Work on previous goals (skirt and dress and mending jackets)

General Goals:
  • Get kids through dentist appointment (pray for no cavities)
  •  Deep clean children's rooms
  • Shampoo downstairs carpets
  • Try to figure out better system for clean blankets/comforters storage
  • Sit down for a few hours with nothing to do but read a book.  Drink a lovely beverage while doing it (I can dream can't I?  ;).

And yeah, I think that'll do me for the week on goals.  How about you?  Up to anything this week?


  1. Your canning pictures look yummy. Thanks for sharing them with us. What a disappointment with the Ball canning book. I think I still have one from years ago that has all of the good stuff you mentioned in it.

    My biggest goal this week is to make bone broth and then use it to make onion soup
    with the onions I got from Aldi's and can it for the winter. Make some tortillas for the freezer, and a couple of pizza crusts for the freezer, All of these will be early morning projects as I think the heatwave you had has reached us. I'm pretty much finished piecing the quilt and will get it basted and ready for quilting this week. Dorothy

  2. So glad to see more canned produce and condiments added to your pantry, Erika. I really hope that meals next winter are more exciting for your family than they were last winter.

    This week I need to make a loaf of bread as a thank you/retirement gift for the teacher that ran the robotics club my daughter was in. I might make a loaf for my daughter's teacher and principal as well, if time allows. My mother and I will be helping out at the grade 8 graduation next Monday (the school traditionally asks the grade 7 parents to volunteer) and we have offered to bring treats. I will need to make those as well.

  3. A while back I inherited some vintage Ball canning books from 2003 and 2009. If there's any particular recipe you're looking for let me know and I'll do my best to get it copied. What a day. I'm making the beef bone broth, cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer, and hauled out the canning and dehydrating cookbooks in anticipation of the garden producing. Dorothy