Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Menu Plan for Week of 6/13/16

And whoops.  I completely forgot to post this up earlier.  You know, though, that's probably not a bad thing as I didn't watch the weather before planning our menu for this week.  I checked it last night and immediately decided to get up at 4 am and turn on the air conditioner.  We're looking at a serious heat wave till the weekend, which I'm glad I was smart enough to check that, but it does add some difficulty to planning meals for the week.   We have an air conditioner but it's a window unit, so it takes some creativity to keep the house cool with the one unit running only (and fans to supplement).  So, basically, heating up the oven still makes the house kind of hot, which I try to avoid in heat like this, and so we're going to be eating some colder meals the rest of the week or crock pot meals to keep the heat levels down (at least I got bread done when it was cooler out).

So, here we go.  Late, but better late than never.  This week's menu plan.

Menu Plan for Week of 6/13/16
Monday:  Hamburgers, chips, salad

Tuesday:  Crock pot round roast, bread and butter, salad

Wednesday:  Tequila Lime Baked Chicken (it's a spice rub I got a while ago), pasta with olive oil and Parmesan cheese, salad.

Thursday:  Crock pot BBQ chicken, baked beans, pasta salad

Friday:  Spinach salad with nuts, bacon, apples and chicken with honey mustard dressing

Saturday:  Pork steaks, home fries, salad

Sunday:  Husband's choice (Father's Day)
Desserts:  Strawberry Pound Cake (Jello cookbook recipe) with frosting (Father's Day), cake with chocolate frosting (Monday...this was a treat for my son), sliced fruit with whipped topping (Friday)

And there you have it folks.  My menu plan for the week.  How about you?  Having anything good this week?


  1. This week has turned out a little differently than expected. Just as you're heating up, we're cooling down :). It's been raining on and off since Monday evening so outside work isn't getting accomplished. Glad the weeding and transplanting got done on Monday and the lawn got mowed.I'm always grateful for rain, especially the soft kind that really soaks in.

    MONDAY: Ham sandwiches, veggies with homemade dip, chips.

    TUESDAY: Hubs veteran's group had a potluck so dinner was out. I made spinach tortilla wraps as our contribution.

    WEDNESDAY -Chicken caccitorre in the crockpot, grilled zucchini and onions, salad.

    THURSDAY - Tuna melts, sunshine salad (made with homemade lemon gelatin using up lemons that needed to be used.), cauliflower fauxtatoe salad.

    FRIDAY -The last of the Thanksgiving Turkey from the freezer, homemade cranberry sauce, greenbeans and mushrooms , salad made from the greens that were thinned from the garden.

    SATURDAY -Dinner salad with bacon, hardboiled eggs, any turkey or ham that's leftover, blueberry muffins.

    SUNDAY - Hubs choice of barbecued spareribs, coleslaw, homefries. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing for dessert.

  2. If you have some left over chicken, you could use it to make chicken wraps (everyone can choose what toppings they want in their wrap). Or shred the leftover chicken and mix in BBQ sauce, then use this to make BBQ chicken and cheese quesadillas in a frying pan on the stove. Both don't heat up the house and are really delicious!

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