Sunday, April 24, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

This week has been busy, so let's get to some of the things I managed to accomplish.

I finished mending the quilt I got a while back.  About 1/2 way through mending the quilt I went from calling her, "old gal" to "Stitches" as she really is a good portion of mending stitches at this point.  I gave up on the embroidery for now as some of the quilt is kind of weak in the material, so I am going to concern myself more with finding material that would work as a mending fabric should said fabric give finally instead of embroidering the quilt.

The shot above is one of the average panels on Stitches about 1/2 way through mending the panel.  This was a pretty big mending job!  Even the edges had seams that gave way over time.  Whoever made the quilt didn't really allow themselves too big of a seam allowance and they just weakened over time and gave from the looks of it.  Someone before me had done a lot of mending to the quilt as well, but at some point had given up mending the quilt and just let it go South.

And now here is Stitches in her new home on the back of the couch.  I think she looks really nice there :).

2.  I got the pantry part of the way rearranged so I will be able to fit more home canned goods in it, which is just in time as I got some more canning to do this week.  And I got the applesauce put away neat and tidy in the pantry as well.

3.  I tore my son's bed completely apart, vacuumed his mattress well and scrubbed it down with some heavy duty cleaning agents to kill any wayward spores or anything that might be on it anywhere (son is really allergic to mold right now).  I also moved the bed around temporarily so that I could shampoo where he bed had a couple of times to get ground in things out of his carpet.  Moving the room back is on the goals for this week.

4.  I got my husband through his dental appointment, which has led to a lot of monetary anxiety on my part the last little bit as I'm trying to figure out how to suck blood from a rock right now with how many reduced hours my husband has been working.  But, I am glad that they managed to save his tooth instead of having to pull it, so I'm definitely looking at the bright side on that one.

Other than finishing mending the quilt, I honestly didn't get any of my sewing goals done, although I did darn a few socks at the dentist office.

So, onto the goals for this week.

Cleaning Goals:
  • Scrub walls in son's room and clean ceiling fan well.
  • Try and scrub walls in daughter's room and organize toys better (weed).
  • Shampoo downstairs carpets.
  • Vacuum master bedroom mattress.

Canning Goals:
  • Make and can apple pie filling
  • Make orange marmalade and can.
  • Can other things if I find time.
 Garden Goals:
  • Get soil out of yard to fill planters.
  • Plant seeds that need to be started indoors.
  • Plant seeds that can be directly sewed into soil that are rated for decently cold weather (as it's still frosting at night pretty regularly still).
  • If it can be swung, plant seeds in planters and figure out where to place them on the back deck this summer (as the spider mites are officially back...found them crawling up the side of the house already and had to spread Diatomaceous Earth around the perimeter of the house and I'm figuring up on the second floor is hopefully going to be safer for the planters then sitting in the yard).
General Goals:
  • Take first pressure canner to Cooperative Extension Service for testing (I have an American Standard pressure cooker that my husband found in an abandoned building that was left over from a yard sale at some point in time, so I want to see if they can test it to see if I can use it as an actual pressure cooker without buying a bunch of parts for it).  Talk to cooperative extension service about grants or other things that might help us out in expanding our garden.
  • Make trip to home improvement store to make returns.
  • Work on system for mending husband's recliner.
  • Work on sewing goals if I can find time (I'm really thinking I'm going to be busy with other things this week, though).
  • Work on Goals and Shopping Goals (of which there will be extreme minimum of those) for May.
So there you are.  My goals, as they stand, for the week.  How about you?  Up to anything this week?


  1. Busy week for you!

    We too have the dentist today, so combining it with nearby stops, a grocery outlet, goodwill, and library. I'm hoping to make more progress on switching the kids rooms. The bedroom part is done, just have 2 rooms now to switch everything in. We are planning a yard sale for Saturday, so hoping to find even more stuff to sell, but at this point I've around 25 boxes of stuff. Trying to use this room switch as an oppertunity to declutter. Next week, I'm in charge of our church swap meet, so part of what I don't sell I'll bring in for that. It's nic3, like a great big free yard sale. We all bring our don't wants, and take what we do. Been 18 months since the Last one, used to be 2 times a year. Looking forward to it.

  2. I know you can commiserate about the dentist so that's why I came back here to post. What rhe Heck is it with dentist?! we went today and my three-year-old who six months ago had a total clean bill of health on his mouth now has like 8 or 9 cavities. How is that even possible?! so I'm trying to figure out how I can get a second opinion on that before I'm paying like $400 a tooth because even though they say our insurance will cover part of it I know from a couple months back when I had mine done it's not going to cover nearly anything. Its going to turn out about that much. I hate dentists.

    1. I find that odd also. Why would you want to fill so many cavities if the child is going to lose the teeth later anyway? Yes, I would try to save a permanent tooth, but a baby tooth? Sounds fishy. Funny how a dentist is like a car mechanic, they ALWAYS find something wrong.

    2. I'm kind of lucky in the pediatric dentist department. Our dentist might find small cavities but if the child is set to lose said tooth sometime soon he'll just keep an eye on it and see if it gets bigger or not. The only tooth that has been really bad was one of my son's teeth went bad from bottle rot a couple of years ago and he had to sedate him to cap the tooth. Nerve racking that experience was.

      My dentist, I have to say has been pretty good about things when it comes to adult teeth, but he also spends a lot of time in really remote villages so he has learned not to lecture I think. He's not the cheapest option in the world, but he'll take whatever payments you can afford from month to month until your bill is paid off without interest, so I so do not complain about his rates (two cavities and x-rays cost me nearly 1000.00 this last go round, which did make me go "ouch" for a few minutes).

      I'd definitely get a second opinion on the kiddos teeth though. Either the dentist hasn't been doing great preventative care by keep an eye on watch areas on the teeth or there is something even screwier going on. Seems weird to me.

  3. I think "Stitches" looks GREAT! Be sure to embroider her name, your name and the date on the back. It looks like that quilt will become a family heirloom.

    Growing up my brother had a terrible allergy also. The doctor had my Mom remove everything in his bedroom except for a plastic shade on the window. No carpet, curtains, pictures, toys, nothing except for a humidifier with (I think vinegar and water) plus the door stayed closed. When he would breakout, he would take a shower, put on cotton shorts and go in his room to get between the sheets. Then and only then could he get some relief. I inherited the same allergy but in a way lesser degree; however, I never out grew it. It has forced me to dust and clean way more than I have ever wanted to. When we first married my husband would ask me, "Why are you dusting under and behind things. No one can see it." I would reply, "Because I feel it if I don't."

    1. Poor guy and poor you. That sounds awful! Today we got to deal with mystery welts broke out all over the son, which required a very quick trip home from school and the maximum dose of Benadryl to stop the swelling from spreading. I called the allergist and made an appointment to go in for an allergy shot consultation. It's definitely time with that problem popping up on top of the hay fever symptoms the poor kiddo has been having this year on top of everything else.

    2. My middle son had the allergy shots and they do work. If they can give your son some relief, it will all be worth it. He is overdue for some blessings.