Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Menu Plan for The Week: Week of 2/15/16

 I refuse to put "Menu Plan Monday" as it's way past then *laugh*.

I have been kind of struggling to think clearly this week to come up with a menu plan primarily due to lack of sleep, but I finally got up energy I didn't have yesterday to go through the freezers a bit more thoroughly and start figuring out what needs to be used up.

The biggest find was actually a whole chicken I found in the back of my fridge freezer drawer (how it ended up there, I have no idea).  It's freezer burned and old (2013), so I'm going to defrost it, remove the worst of the freezer burned bits and try to make it into chicken taco meat (really heavily seasoned) to make it usable.  I will let you know how that goes.  So, we might or might NOT be having chicken tacos for dinner this Friday *laugh*.

We'll be having my daughter's birthday this week, but she wants the chicken strips and french fries for lunch on her birthday, so that works for me.

So, onto the menu plan for this week!

Menu Plan for Week of 2/15/16
Monday: Shrimp Cocktail, french fries

Tuesday:  Honey Sriracha Chicken (this was pretty good.  I just baked mine in the sauce instead of marinading it due to lack of time and it was still tasty!), salad, rice

Wednesday:  Honey mustard pork chops, salad, bouillon rice (chicken tomato flavor)

Thursday:  Corned beef hash, poached eggs, fruit cocktail

Friday:  Chicken tacos

Saturday:  Leftovers (I know we'll have some with the chicken tacos IF they turn out.  If not we'll have hamburgers)

Sunday:  Roast chicken, Cranberry relish (leftover from thanksgiving), stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy

To Bake/Prepare:  Crepes (for dinner next week.  Put in freezer), cookies (for daughter's school for her birthday "treat"), birthday cake, bread.  Baking day(s):  Wednesday (cookies and bread), Friday (crepes).  On birthday:  birthday cake *laugh*.

Desserts:  Three color jello mold (we've actually had this for dessert a couple of days so far this week already), birthday cake and leftover cookies (more than enough sweets for a week I'd say).


  1. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday this week! I'm looking forward to seeing your crepe creations next week too!

    1. If her counting down the minutes to her birthday is any indication, I THINK she's going to enjoy her birthday *laugh*. She's actually driving me and her dad a bit crazy this week as she keeps making sure we got her presents. *Shakes head* kids. Whatcha gonna do?

  2. How old is she going to be? My kids are almost 19 and 21 and still get excited. Cheryl

    1. She's going to be nine, or as she puts it, "I'll be nearly 18, mom!" *Laugh*

  3. It's funny you mentioned making chicken tacos out of your old chicken -- I found some hamburger patties from 2014 in my freezer and we have some white meat turkey burgers that are kind of gross so my plan is to thaw them out and make tacos. Figuring that the seasoning and accompaniments will help mask any less than prime flavors. ;-) Will you grind the chicken or do you just chop it up? Or even cook it whole...I'm curious about your process.

    1. I'm going to poach the entire thing whole till it's falling off the bone (after removing the really bad freezer burned parts) and then dice up some of the chicken, taste it and see if it'll work in pieces or if I'm going to have to grind it up. If I have to grind it up I'll season the meat throughout before and after I grind it up and then I'll try and cut the meat with good ground beef that hasn't been seasoned when I make tacos. I think. This, honestly is a new area for me. I used to just throw meat that looked this bad away (which might still have to happen), but I really want to try and salvage it. So, I'm going to see how bad the meat is and let it "speak to me" about what it needs, if that makes sense :).