Sunday, December 13, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, despite my son getting another stomach bug yesterday (the bug took down half of his class by Friday...I was hopeful he wouldn't get it, but nope) and stuff, I was able to get stuff done this week.

1.  I managed to organize the video shelf area in my living room (seen above).  I hauled about three armloads of movies (VHS's mainly) downstairs to put on our video shelves and then moved the old TV stand so it stood against the wall instead of being in the corner.  It freed up some floor space, looks a lot better as things aren't falling into the open corner space anymore and I am happy with how it turned out.

I organized the hats and gloves area in our den.  Before we had tons of Rubbermaid drawers that constantly caught winter hats and I was constantly fixing snags.  We had no space for the kid's backpacks and we had boots (for all weather conditions) EVERYWHERE along with summer shoes, etc.

So, I took the hats and gloves and placed them in the top Rubbermaid container as those are the things we're going to be accessing the most this time of year.  The container below that houses dress shoes and summer shoes.  And the bottom container houses water boots and any "misc" types of shoe items we don't access until the Spring/Summer months.

Now the backpacks can sit on top of the Rubbermaid containers when the kids get home from school, everything looks a lot cleaner and I even have a spot for my daughter's umbrella. 

Feeling pretty good about that reorganizing.

3.  I wrapped the Christmas gifts (some seen in the pic above there). 

4.  I worked on Christmas gifts and SHOULD be down to just doing a few gifts for my husband.

So, yeah, the only thing I didn't get done on the goals list for last week was sorting the laundry, which is going to get rolled over onto this week's goals and will (hopefully) get done tomorrow *fingers crossed* if everyone remains healthy, so I can get work done.

We've got a tremendously full week this week.  We've got interviews for my son's insurance renewal, speech therapy, a visit from missionaries, a Christmas concert and gifts to deliver to teachers, therapists, aides and friends (in the case of my daughter).  I'm already tired and the week hasn't even started yet *laugh*.

So, this weeks goals are:
1.   Sort tremendous pile of laundry and put it away. 

2.  Try and finish the last few Christmas gifts.
3.  Drop food off to food drive box.  Pull out the few toys I have left to donate and drop off at "Toys for Tots".
4.  Make cloth napkins and embroider for fun.
5.  Take pictures of daughter's Christmas concert.
6.  Take kids to the Bright Up the Night Display.
7.  Deliver some gifts to family and make sure to deliver gifts to teachers, aides and therapists.
8.  Make Christmas cookies (Friday so daughter can help me).
9.  Shampoo upstairs carpets (again) to make sure 100% of nasty germs from my son's stomach bug are for sure dead.
 So, there's my list for this week.  How about you?

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  1. That was my week last week--so busy I couldn't even think more than a day ahead, lest I forget something for that day! This week should be a little better. The 6th grade band concert, the 4H Christmas party, and some other things are done. We still have orthodontist, a homeschool choir concert, a bio-mom Christmas visit, I work 2 days, and school for this 1 more week, then a little break. So, it's busy, but do-able.

    I hope to sew quite a bit in-between things this week. I will do quite a bit of regular cooking. My laundry has still not caught up from when I was sick a couple of weeks ago. It was up to my knees at least in the laundry room, it's slowly going down. Just when it does, a kid dumps a basket of dirty laundry on top:( Hopefully, this week is the week I get to see the floor of that room!