Monday, December 28, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 12/28/15

Well, due to money being super tight to the point of near panic inducing, we're going to be doing a lot of "no spend except for essentials" weeks here to try and get us through, somehow, until our tax return comes in come February.  Which, I'm PRAYING that the tax return isn't terrible this year (we made so little last year that our tax return was just sad) as I have four thousand dollars I somehow have to cough up to pay off my husband's one bill for his teeth by April or all the effort I've done to pay down said bill will be for naught.  Deferred interest charges will kick in at that point and right now it's at three thousand dollars and climbing as the interest rate for the card is high (like 27% interest).  And right now I'm just worried about making the mortgage payment and utilities for next month.  Ever feel like you're living in a perpetual state of panic?  That's me right now.

At least I was able to just put the worry aside of the holidays.  I purposefully stayed away from the computer and the worry inducing bank website and just actively decided to not give myself heart palpitations over money for the week of Christmas.  I needed a break and it actually worked out because by doing that I didn't find out how much my husband had spent on me for Christmas or where he'd bought my Christmas gift, so I was able to be surprised on Christmas when I opened his gift *laugh*.

This week I have a birthday to field, but luckily it's my own, so that makes my life a bit simpler as I don't really need princess decorations on my cake or anything ;).

It seems like I always cater to the kids on birthdays and get the same boxed cake mix my son will eat with the same chocolate Pillsbury icing he likes to go with it and my daughter loves it too, so it always just made life a bit easier.  This year, the idea of eating that makes my teeth hurt, so I decided to go a different route for my birthday cake. 

Menu Plan for Week of 12/28/15
Monday:  Leftover ham and beans (made these yesterday).

Tuesday:  Puffed pancake with fried ham and canned peaches (puffed pancakes were something my dad would make growing up's a Swedish thing I think.  I believe they are known as "Dutch Baby" as well).

Wednesday:  Tacos

Thursday:  Taco casserole (use leftover chips in bags in cabinets)

Friday:  Pork roast, sauerkraut, kale (sounds odd, but it's all traditions to welcome in good luck and money in the New Year...yes, I am being THAT superstitious right now)

Saturday: Pizza

Sunday:  Turkey meatball soup with spinach  

To Bake:  Pound Cake with Lemon Custard (birthday cake), bread, orange beignets (for breakfast on Saturday).  Maybe muffins for freezer.  Baking days:  Various (bread today, beignets on Saturday, etc).

Desserts:  Birthday cake, jello with whipped topping, white cranberry orange hot chocolate (recipe I'm messing with), ice cream with mint chocolate sauce (another recipe I'm messing with).


  1. Your meals sound great, Erika.
    I'm glad you were able to put your worries away for the holidays. We did, too. January is a good month to crack down anyway, right? For our eating, and our money. (Or maybe I'm the only one who enjoyed WAY too many Christmas goodies!)
    I hope things pick up for your husband. Maybe he can get another extra side job or two. It would be a blessing if he could. Have a happy New Year's Day!

    1. I'm hoping he can pick up some side work as well.

      As for Christmas comment ;). At least I had dropped ten pounds in the last six months or so, probably due to stress, so hey I have some wiggle room in the weight department *laugh*.

  2. Hang in there, Erika. You do a great job of making it all work at your home. This, too, shall pass. But it does seem so stressful when you are in the middle of it. We are paying off a $1,800 doctor bill from my hubby's surgery this past August. We have a bigger house payment than normal in January (long story) and the homeowner's insurance is due too. I work at a school so we were paid before Winter Break on December 18th and I don't get a paycheck again until January 13th. My hubby has been picking up as much overtime as they will allow - so that's what is helping. But I am going with just the basics for groceries for the month of January and eating out of my current freezer and pantry items... I will be praying for you and your family. I really enjoy reading your posts!

  3. Hi Erika! I have been reading your blog for about a month. I have noticed in my own budget that I will need to cut back as well. In the past, I was very good at limiting the amount of sweets/desserts that I spent my money on. But, somehow, I have lost control in that area. I want to stop buying so much "junk food ", and instead focus on bringing in some nutrient dense foods in. Sweet potatoes vs cookies, etc.
    I really enjoy all of your posts and hope that you continue to share your frugal ways with blogland. 😊

  4. You have done such an amazing job this year working with what you have, Erika. Sending you lots of hopes and wishes for a better financial year for 2016! Hang in there, my friend...we're all cheering for you!!!