Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

What?  Why yes, that is a soda bottle top you see in the picture.  My son likes to spin soda bottles as one of his stims, so I wasn't fast enough getting the shot I wanted to get of the table runner.  So, just think of it as him helping me take the picture *laugh*.

Despite being sick this week with a cold that seems to have gone off like a bomb in my local area (EVERYONE I've talked to has it or is on antibiotics because of it) I did manage to get some things accomplished.  Didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked because my husband and I took turns sleeping most of the weekend, but I did manage to get some of my goals list done.

1.  I finally finished my fall themed table runner (seen up top).  It felt good to get that marked off my list.

2.  I was able to finish a few Christmas gifts for extended family this week.  I got some cut out and not done yet, but managed to finish a few gifts for some of my many nephews this week.  I'll post more on those later.

3.  I got my master bedroom pretty much rearranged for now.  I still need to clean it all and put things away in their final spots, however, so I'm not taking pictures of anything yet.  I got sick the night I rearranged the bedroom and have been fielding sick kiddos and sick me since then, so I'm hoping to get that all cleaned up and ready to go this week.

4.  I shampooed the upstairs carpets.

5.  Halloween plans are kind of shot at this point.

I was going to have a small party for my daughter here, but she got invited to a friend's of hers party the same night I was going to have her party here, so I think I'm just going to go with some Harry Potter decorations for some Halloween decor around here.  Then I'll send an open invite out to some family members who I know are Harry Potter fans to come over, have some butter beer and fill up some treat bags really fast on Halloween night while they are out trick-or-treating and call it good.  My daughter will still get some company out of it (if anyone shows up) and I can still have some fun decorating and making some fun Harry Potter themed things for around here.

6.  We called on the possible overcharge with a bill we had and found that it was indeed our final payment, not an overcharge on the credit card.  It felt good getting that bill paid off, even if their billing system had one heck of a lag to it (the charge was supposed to go through on the 15th of the month and instead was rolling onto the second of the following month by the time everything processed, so I thought we were a payment ahead of where we actually were.  Luckily once I heard about that I went back through, did the math and it worked out).

So, onto my goals for this week!  I'm not going by category this week, just doing a general list because I'm tired and in kind of a hurry (have to get kids in bath tub here).

Goals for the Week:
1.  Continue to work on Christmas gifts for extended family.
2.  Work on some Christmas gifts for son.
3.  Clean wooden furniture.
4.  Get caught up on laundry (with me sick this last week this got behind.  Again *sigh*).
5.  Start working on pantry inventory.  Figure out holes and satellite items to add to long term grocery goals.
6.  Fix husband's recliner (my daughter is getting scratched on the cracking leather.  It's time to try and do something about that).
7.  Get well.  This is actually at the top of my list because I can't really afford a doctor's visit right now for one and I sure don't want to be down and out sick either, for two.
 8.  Finish one Christmas gift for daughter.
And there you are folks.  Some of my goals for this week.  What are yours?


  1. I love the table runner..the Harry Potter Party sounds seems the cold has reached our shores too..lots of sniffles and just generally feeling grotty..i can't wait to see your Master Bedroom..we have not long done ours..just moving furniture makes it a whole new room.
    Its a great feeling when you finish paying off a bill..we had 3 that finished within months of each other,,no one else could understand our joy at paying it off..
    Your list looks good ..i wish you luck..and wow you are so organized in getting Christmas gifts done..this year we are doing the 4 things for gifts..our little girls are actually looking forward to it..
    i hope you feel better soon..sounds daft but have you had some honey and wonders for me.
    take care

  2. Wow! Three bills within months? That would be one heck of a feeling to get three bills out of the way in such a short amount of time. Good for you!

    Ah, honey and lemon. That cure has been in my family for as long as I can remember. My dad was a huge believer in it. I've actually been microwaving lemonade and then I take a teaspoon of honey and chase it with the lemonade *laugh*. I have a hard time drinking them together as that's what I always had when sick growing up, so I try to split them up a little bit. But, yes, I agree it does do wonders!