Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This Week's Goals

Ha!  I was going to put the "Monthly Goals Update" at the beginning of that and then thought, "Wait.  I just posted up the monthly goals a couple of days ago.  People can page down if they are curious at this point in time."  So, yeah, if you want to know how these weekly goals are going to add up to the monthly, just page down and check *laugh*.

Well, when it came to last week's goals I actually did get a decent amount done.

I got mini-hampers set up in the bedrooms.  I ended up with a canvas basket/drawer in my daughter's room, a five gallon bucket for my son's room and a basket for my husband and I.  The design elements might not be spectacular with the rooms, but they certainly work for now.

I got the family Christmas list tweaked and pretty much finalized.

I dug out the school supplies I had and found that I only needed a few things to make my daughter's school supply list complete, which was a relief.

Really, about the only thing I didn't get done last week was working on sewing, but it's been kind of hard to work on sewing when my den looks like a freight train hit it.

So, my goals for this week are:

1.  Reorganize den.
I think I've got a plan that will work out overall to separate out the different parts of the den and get my sewing area better organized.  Here's hoping it all works as well in application as it does in my head.
2.  Muck out what little I haven't gone through in storage
I'm thinking I'm down to baby clothes pretty much at this point, so yay!
3.  Reorganize Master Bedroom
Even if we don't get to the getting of the bed from my in-laws, I still want to reorganize the bedroom to stop the cat from knocking everything onto the floor all the time.
4.  Once room is reorganized, set up printer on desk.

5.  Make cushions for glider rocker.
One of the things I found out in storage is our old glider rocker.  We've had it since before my daughter was born and it's still pretty solid.  Unfortunately the cushions that came with the thing were just crappy and even after re-upholstering the cushions the cushions themselves just finally broke down and we threw them away when we moved.  I found some thick upholstery foam out in storage, so I am going to use it to cut out some cushions for the chair.
6.  Cut out a couple pairs of shorts for the kids.  Try to sew them if possible.

7.  Pull out mason jar vacuum sealer and seal mason jars of herbs, fruits and nuts.

8.  Shampoo upstairs carpets (my son got chocolate on the carpet).

9.  Pull out garlic from the garden.  Mix in compost in soil to get ready for planting something else.

And there you are folks.  My goals for this week.  Here's hoping I can get it done!

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