Friday, August 7, 2015

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Weekly Recap and Garden Update

Well, this week was another week where I didn't spend much money at all due to not having any.  Bright side, though, is bills are paid.  So, yay for that!

How did I save money this week?  Well...

1.  I harvested parsley, lettuce (the last of it for the year I fear as it's all bolting), oregano, rosemary, mint and kale from the garden.  I also harvested more rose hips as well.  I dehydrated the lot, excluding the lettuce (some seen above).

I finally starting pulling the garlic as it's not doing much of anything and is showing signs that it needs to be pulled.  I might try to plant new bulbs when the weather turns colder for next year, but I'm still debating about that.

2.  The potato plant is definitely producing as some of the potatoes started to break the surface.  I buried them before the light got to them too badly and turned them green.  It was nice to see decent sized potatoes, though, so hopefully I'll get a decent amount of potatoes out of the one plant.

3.   In non garden related news, I made new cushions for our glider rocker.  The glider rocker had been sitting out in storage the last three years and I finally pulled it into the house when I realized that my son REALLY needed a rocking chair to help with his sensory issues.

Some might remember the bolt of shirt material I got at a local used store for 15.00 a while back.  I took that material, doubled, and then sandwiched a layer of interfacing in between to toughen the fabric even further.  I used thick upholstery foam we had out in storage for the cushions and then I used bias tape as ribbon to tie the cushions to the rocker.   

I took velcro and used it to make the cushion covers so that I could take the covers off to launder them.  My son tends to dump liquids on things and spit food, so I wanted to make sure I could launder the covers.  I also am going to dig out a container of waterproofing spray and treat the covers with that as well to help add a longer lifespan onto the cushions.

So, one re-cushioned and re-upholstered glider rocker for free (as I had all the materials).  Yes, it's not perfect, but neither am I.  Overall, though, I'm happy with it.

4.  I texted my mother-in-law and asked her if she had any instant potatoes in her food storage as I'm currently out.  She gave me a bag of them, which was a help (thanks, Stacey).

5.  While cleaning out some more of our storage, I managed to find a container with more yarn in it and some of the colors will come in handy for Christmas gifts.

6.  I had a really nice God send this week.  We had a problem with our home owners insurance not getting renewed on time earlier in the year so our discount for running my husband's "insurance score" didn't get counted with our mortgage company in time before our yearly payment came out of our escrow.  I thought that the home owner's insurance would send the refund check to our mortgage company to put back into our escrow, but instead they sent us the check.  The check will cover a good portion of my shopping goals for the month, which was such a blessing.  On top of that my mother-in-law insisted on buying some fabric drawers (that used to be in my pantry before I redid it) that were sitting out when she dropped off the potatoes, so that money covered a block of cheese from my local bulk store.  God is good :).

7.  I cooked all of our meals at home which saved us money.

8.  I ate any leftovers we'd had from dinner for lunches during the week, which also saved us money.

9.  I mended two comforters this week.

10.  Instead of going out and buying furniture and things I needed to redo my sewing area in my den, I shopped from my house and got a space I love (more on that in my Monthly Goal Update post Sunday).

And there you are folks.  Things I did to save money this week.  How did you do?


  1. I absolutely love when I can make do and NOT do without as you did with your rocker and sewing space.

  2. Great job on the rocker. You are very inspiring with all the creative things you do.