Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

This week was kind of screwball when it came to getting goals accomplished.

I didn't get done much on my weekly goal list.  I had plans, lofty plans, to get a lot of sewing done, some canning and get some stuff out of the 40' van. I also wanted to harvest rose hips, harvest fireweed blossoms and other things.

Well, I ended up living on two hours of sleep a night and had a thrown out back all week from napping on the love seat in my living room to keep my son from waking up the entire household, so mucking out the 40' van more was out.  Then I went to harvest rose hips to find bright florescent orange growth on them that I am assuming is a type of blight as the leaves on the plants aren't looking too keen either.  Sewing ended up getting put on a back burner as I shuffled speech therapy schedules, figured out therapy schedules all around for a few days and tried to keep my children outside as much as possible as the weather turned cooler.  I felt going to the playground, playing outside in the yard and watching my daughter ride her bike was just as important as my sewing goals.

I didn't get much done on my weekly goal list, but oddly enough did get some things on my monthly goals done this week.  My husband fielded my son Friday night so I was able to get to sleep at a decent hour and last night my son went to sleep late, but slept pretty well overall and wasn't up till 8:00 this morning.  So, due to the wonder that is sleep, I have been a decently functional human being most of the weekend and as a result I got a decent amount accomplished just this weekend.

I canned 8 pints of strawberry jam using the strawberries I've bought cheap through the season that I had cleaned and in the freezer.  I froze some cherries I bought with a giftcard my mother-in-law had given me for Mother's Day last week.  I was thinking of canning them, but the heat has been up and down this week and I didn't want them to go to waste before I could can them, so I froze them instead.

I canned mint jelly today.  Any other mint I harvest from my mint plant this year I will dehydrate to use to make tea during the winter I think as I doubt I'm going to be getting three more cups of leaves out of my plant before it's done for the year.

I completed one hot plate.

I shampooed my den this afternoon.  So, only 90% of the house to go on the shampooing carpet front *laugh*.

I also got a bit of mending done, although I still had a lot more that I wanted to get done.  I will probably be taking those items to therapy with me this week to see how much of it I can get done while waiting for my son.

My goals for this week are...
1.  Harvest some fireweed blooms and make juice, to make jelly later on (it takes me a while to get enough juice saved up to make a decent amount of jelly).

2.  Work on mending.

3.  Measure and cut out gun case.  Cut inner material and batting for project as well.

4.  Work on canning what is on canning list as much as possible.

5.  Dehydrate onions that were pulled from the garden.

I picked the "twin" onion in my garden as one was acting like it was ready to be harvested and since it was attached to the other one I pulled both.  I was able to salvage green onions from the "not quite ready to be pulled" onion and am just going to dehydrate both onions now that they are done curing/drying.  If I get some big onions I might keep a few for kitchen use, but for the most part I plan to dehydrate the onions to use in cooking later.

6.  Sew handkerchiefs.

7.  Sort, fold and put away laundry (I have Mt. Foldsalot going on right now).  Do any necessary ironing.

8.  Take down shower curtain in children's bathroom and wash it.

9.  Continue to process kale as it is harvested and put into freezer.

10.  Pull everything out of pantry and reorganize (this, I fear is where most of my week is going to end up.  I REALLY need to do this, clean it well and get it all organized for winter).
And there you have it folks.  Hopefully I can get at least most of it done this week.

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  1. You may feel like you didn't accomplish what you set out to do, but you sure did a great amount of work this past week. All that canning and preserving of food must make you feel really good about yourself. Great job.