Monday, June 8, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, when it comes to getting monthly goals accomplished, I am getting things done, so I guess, "So far, so good" would pretty much cover my outlook.

Last week I managed to...

1.  Move the Closetmaid unit from my bathroom to my son's room to help organize his toys.

So, yeah, "organization" in my bathroom now is just a big Rubbermaid container containing things like towels and extra toilet paper, but I needed the unit for my son's room, badly.

The picture up top is how I redid the unit in my son's closet.  His closet before was just a mess, honestly, and not functional at all due to the fact that there was just a rod in the closet with no shelves to speak of.  My daughter's closet came with shelves built into the closet because it was being used as an office by the old owners, and I've loved having those shelves to help with her toys, so I knew I needed something like that for my son.

And the Closetmaid unit worked fabulously.  I put small toys in the drawers below and then put oversized toys that he likes above on the shelves.  I also tried to scatter old vintage toys of my husband's and things on the shelves for some decorating appeal and placed some old construction toys that were taking up the top of my china cabinet on top of the unit.

I was able to almost completely empty the big open bin toy boxes in the bedroom.  All that is really left in them is some big truck types of toys, which will go in the entertainment center when we move it, which will work great.  Otherwise the unit held all of the toys in the bins and I was even able to move my son's tire Hotwheels holder where we put all of his favorite little cars into the closet as well.

There is more of an upside than just having his room more organized.  Alvah LOVES the new layout.  I mean LOVES it!  He's actually taking out multiple toys every single day and playing with them, now that he can see where everything is, which for an autistic child, playing with toys on his own (and in some cases bringing said toy out for you to play with the toy WITH him) is HUGE!

So, yeah, I'm super pleased with this update :).

2.  I think I have a plan to get the pantry more in line with what I need to do and I started working on the kitchen spaces to make things more functional.  Which also led me to work on getting my china cabinet more organized to house more things from my kitchen...well you know how that goes.  Bright side it seems to be coming together slowly but surely.

3.  I started working on my preserving list for the fall, taking inventory of things I still had left in the pantry, etc.  I think I got a pretty good plan going and hopefully I can find what I need at the stores, on top of being able to get what I need from around here to make it all happen.  We shall see :).

4.  I FINALLY got my daughter's insurance resolved!  My sister-in-law gave me a number to call (thanks, Ana!) and I called it, got directed to the right department and got some help.  Sadly, all the gal on the phone had to do was pull up my daughter's information and find out that she'd been approved the day before, but it was a relief to hear it all the same.  I got the approval letter in the mail a couple of days ago and we should be seeing her renewal card come in the mail soon.  Relief on this one is overwhelming.  Seriously.

5.  I got some more things moved in from our 40' van.  This process is taking forever, so it seems, as I'm the only one moving things and I'm having to do that around the kids, but I'm making progress.  We might be having a yard sale next YEAR the way this is going, but it is getting done.

So far sewing goals are non-existent because I had all of my sewing things barricaded, but I got the den cleaned up and more organized yesterday so I'm hoping to get on some of those goals this week.

This week's all around goals are:

1.  Stake up the tomato plant I have left. 

Yes, this isn't on my monthly goal list, but it still needs to be done.

2.  Continue to work on mucking out the 40' van.

3.  Work on sewing projects and continue mending.

4.  Register kids for the next school year.  

Also not on my monthly list, but it needs to be done.

5.  Catch up on laundry.

This is probably never going to get crossed off a list, but it's a nice dream.  I figure if I'm making a list, I'd better add this in just because.

6.  Work on getting pantry organized and move things out of hallway closet into pantry.

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