Friday, May 1, 2015

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Weekly Recap

Well, another week has come and gone and here we are at Friday again, which means another weekly recap of money saving things I did this week!

1. I decided to start out with this one because I find it humorous.  Why?  Because my brain is shot and I have a warped sense of humor *laugh*.

Williams Sonoma has had me on their e-mail list for, geez, years now?  I ordered some sandwich cutters from them about four years ago when they were on clearance with free shipping with the intent of making some nerdy sugar cookies for my husband.  And yeah, I've never ordered anything from them since.

So, suddenly I get an e-mail from them saying, "We miss you!"  Which totally cracked me up and I actually laughed at the screen and said, "Really?  How can you miss me.  You never had me."

But, anyway, back to the point.  The e-mail went on to tell me that they were giving me free shipping and 20% off my order, no minimum amount to buy with a personalized coupon code they gave me.

I figured, "Well, maybe I can find something cheap that I need" and went to the site with all expectations to be disappointed.  But, hey I actually found something I've needed for a while!

A lot of my kitchen implements are starting to show years of hard use (can't tell by the Thrifty Thursday posts can you?) and one of the things that are really showing wear are my spatulas/turners.  My one silicone spatula that I really liked is finally getting so weak that it bends at the drop of a hat instead of really turning much of anything, my plastic spatula loses a bit more off of it every time I make hamburgers and I have one Oxo turner that is so huge that I barely use it as it doesn't like to turn things so much as rip them apart.  So, when I found the above Easter themed spatula, my first thought was, "Wow, that's kind of ugly", but my second thought when I saw the price was, "and beautiful!"  The spatula, after coupon code, cost me a total of 2.49 (yay for clearance!) down from 22.00.

It actually does turn things too, which was my biggest worry getting a spatula shaped like a chicken.  So, woohoo for a cheap spatula :).

2.  I darned a couple more of my husband's socks.  This is like a new chore for me, it seems, that resembles the never ending chores like laundry and dishes.  Every time I think I'm close to done, I find about fifteen more socks with holes in them.  At least I'm fixing them.  Slooooowwwwllly but surely, but they are getting fixed.

3.  I fixed a hole in the quilt I made my daughter for Christmas.  She found the hole and was all upset when she pointed it out to me.  We then had a long talk about taking care of our things and the reason that the hole got ripped in the quilt, odds are nine times out of ten, was that she constantly throws the quilt on the floor and it got caught on something.  I patched it with a small piece of material that I cut away from the material I had left from making the quilt, so at least it blends in well with the quilt.

4.  I shopped sales and used coupons to get the most of my money. I managed to get some vanilla pudding mix for .49.   I felt good when I went into the store yesterday to deposit money to make sure our mortgage payment would go through okay (our bank has a storefront at our local shopping center) and I ran into a bunch of meat on clearance CHEAP!  I was able to get steaks for 2.00 and some change per package (thin cut steaks, but like I cared), lamb chops for 2.00 as well.  I walked off with a ton of meat for 30.00.  I hated to spend the money, but at the same time I knew it was a deal I was NOT going to walk away from.

5.  I started taking pantry and freezer inventory post meat buying trip as I'm hoping to do a month of pretty much living off of my pantry here as much as I don't really WANT to do that, but I kind of need to do it just to keep on top of money a bit better.

6.  I planted an onion today that was sprouting like mad.  I took what little onion was left carefully away and was able to split the onion into four separate sprouts and I planted them.  I figure even if two of the four survive, even if they don't produce an actual onion I might at least get green onions out of the deal for the summer, so it was worth it for me.

7.  I was able to score clothes today at my favorite used store for .25 a piece.  I've been working, slowly, on putting together my own ten item wardrobe (for further details on that, google it :).  I read about the ten item wardrobe and I loved the idea as it is really versatile and minimalistic, so I've been trying to collect clothes slowly to make my own.  I'm up to about four core items now with some additional shirts and stuff to interchange for summer, so when I ran into the sheer blouse that could go over my various tank tops, I was thrilled as it was a great way to lighten up my pretty neutral themed wardrobe at this point.

I was also able to score a swimsuit for myself (I might need to take it in in a few places, but for .25...yeah totally worth it), some long John's in the next size up for my daughter for next winter, a shirt for my son, a skirt and top combo for my daughter and a couple of other items (not shown) that I'm putting aside for Christmas gifts (the long johns and the shirt and skirt were sets...yes sets...for .25 a piece.  It was awesome).  I spent a total of 1.75 and feel really good about what I got.

I also shopped yard sales to get things I needed as well.

8.  I made all of our meals at home and got more creative with the menu, which made my husband happy and saved us money.

And there you are folks.  Some of the ways I saved money this week.  How did you do?

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