Monday, April 6, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for week of 4/6/15

Another Monday is here and that means making up a new menu plan.  This week's menu has some shake up recipe and I think it will be kind of fun.
Monday:  Baked Chicken, Au Gratin potatoes, collard greens (using up some left overs from Easter on the side dishes)

Tuesday:  Ham salad sandwiches, home made potato chips

Wednesday: French Toast, fried ham, sliced hard boiled eggs

Thursday:  Mantay (using ground lamb)

Friday:  Chicken and gravy over biscuits

Saturday:  Brined pork roast, rice, cider glazed carrots (using home canned cider from the pantry)
Sunday:  Leftovers
 Desserts:  Iced Angel Food Cake, pudding/custard and canned fruit, ginger steamed pudding

Breakfasts (out of the ordinary):  Cranberry orange muffins

And there you have it folks.  Our menu for the week.  Hope it might inspire you to try something new! 

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