Monday, March 30, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week 3/30/2015

And so another week has come and gone and it's time to make the weekly menu plan.  This week I am keeping to some easy dinners (for when the hubby isn't home) and working on making others that I know my daughter will eat to help make life a little easier come dinnertime around here.

So, here we go!  This week's menu plan!

Menu Plan for Week 3/30/2015
Monday:  Baked Beans

Tuesday:  Cabbage Salad (I THINK I have some frozen meat I can throw in with this to make it more substantial for me for dinner, but we shall see)

Wednesday:  Fried Chicken, peaches, rice

Thursday:  Steak, leftover rice, green beans

Friday:  Baked Ziti (messing with a recipe trying to get it JUST right)

Saturday:  Turkey meatloaf w/white gravy, fruit cocktail, bread

Sunday:  Ham, Greens, mashed potatoes

Desserts:  Rootbeer Float Cake (I'm messing with my own recipe, though), oatmeal crusted apple pie.

Breakfasts (out of the ordinary):  Bran muffins

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