Friday, March 6, 2015

Frugal Friday (Money Saving Weekly Recap): Week Ending 3/6/15

Well, another week as come and gone, so it's once again time for Frugal Friday!  So, some of the ways I saved money this week are...

1.  I cooked our meals at home instead of getting ready made meals to just stick in the oven or take out.

2.  I redeemed my Disney Movie Reward points, well some of them, to get my daughter the above DVD for free, which I'll put aside as one of her Christmas gifts. If you sign up with them you can get points for reading the newsletter in your e-mail as they put random codes in there, you'll get 100 points on your anniversary for being a member every year, etc.  I like to buy older Disney movies on Amazon off the marketplace sellers as they can go as low as 4.00 for a brand new movie and when you buy them new, not only can you get them cheap, but you also get the code paperwork as well.  I hadn't redeemed movie rewards in quite a while (I leave the codes in the DVD cases until I redeem them and then I throw them away, so I always know a code is good when I stumble across it) and between that and bonus points to try and keep me coming back to the site and such, I was able to get her the DVD.

I also plan on using some sticker paper I have around here to print off some Princess stickers and such for another Christmas gift later (around Christmas, of course).  They are available to print on the movie rewards site for free for members.

3.  I had made orange juice last week that while we drank a bit of it, we weren't going to finish it before it went bad, so I used the remainder to brine some chicken in for dinner earlier in the week.  It was tasty and the orange juice didn't go to waste that way.

4.  Instead of watching TV or movies at night, since my husband has been working odd hours, I instead have been listening to CD's on my computer (using battery power vs. TV power draw).

5.  I am recycling an old coffee can to make into a coin bank for my daughter.  I think she's really going to like decorating it (I'm going to wrap the can in some art paper that I bought at a used store, a big ream of it, a long while ago.  We use it for tons of stuff around here...making wrapping paper, doodling paper for my daughter, etc) and I won't have to throw out a perfectly good metal can.

6.  I mended some clothes instead of letting holes get bigger to the point I'd have to throw them away and am working on more.

 And there you have it folks.  My money saving accomplishments this week, small as they are.

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