Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thrifty Thursday (Thrift Store Finds)

This Thrifty Thursday is brought to you by a very happy me!

As anyone who has been reading this blog may know, I broke one of my medium sized mixing bowls about a month ago (and I cried some tears over it...normally stuff is just that to me...stuff...but that bowl hurt when it broke).  I'd been searching the used stores for a replacement to no avail.  Until this week when I FINALLY had a chance to hit The Red Barn (a thrift store in Palmer, AK).  There I struck pay dirt!  I not only found a vintage medium sized Pyrex mixing bowl (which I found awesomely cool), but I also found a clear Pyrex small mixing bowl (perfect for steaming puddings and stuff in).  Total spent that day was 10.00 on the nose (not cheap, but I was happy anyway).

I then had to check out the newly renovated Wally World Thrift Store in Wasilla and was thrilled to find a 2/3 cup Tupperware measuring cup (which I'd never seen one of those before) and a vintage small tupperware container with a lid (sure, the colors didn't match, but I didn't care...I love those containers for left overs and other things :).

Total spent at Wally World was .70 between the two items.  Loved it!

So, total spent for the week was 10.70.  Amount saved?  A lot.  I love vintage Pyrex, Corelle and Corningware, so if I had purchased a bowl like that online and had it shipped that would have cost a lot more than the 7.00 I paid for it.  And the color goes with some of my vintage Corelle baking dishes, so it was just an awesome find for me.

And a new glass bowl that I don't know how much it would have cost.

So, it was definitely a good week on the thrift store front.

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