Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rebuilding a Pantry on 25.00 a Week (Week 7)

This week's 25.00 pantry rebuild was a bunch of awesome scores that I got at Carrs on clearance and on in-store sale.
  • 2 boxes of corn taco shells 50% off: .98
  • 1 box instant dry milk on clearance 50% off:  2.24
  • 1 Jar Classico Pasta Sauce on clearance 50% off:  .15 (I'll get into that in a minute)
  • 1 Can olives on clearance 50% off:  .49
  •  2 Jugs Welch's Grape Juice:  2.50 a piece on sale (in store sale on those)
The best score this time around was definitely the pasta sauce.  It was 50% off and the original price was 3.00 and something.  But, I was surprised to find the jar cost me .15 when I looked at my receipt, because I'd had a Just 4 U price of 1.00 and some change on the pasta sauce and I had a manufacturer coupon loaded on my card on top of it.  Once the discounts and coupons stacked I walked out with a .15 thing of pasta sauce.  Those are the types of things that make your day just that much brighter.

I had a personalized price on the olives for .99 (although I'm pretty sure the can said .99 on it anyway, so maybe it was on sale?) and so once the 50% off came into play it was .49.

And the taco shells were just an awesome find.  I got the only two boxes that they had on reduced for 50% off.  I had a personalized price loaded on my card for .99 a box for the corn shells, so once the 50% off was taken into account I got them for .49 a box!  The original price on them was only like 1.19 a box anyway, so it wasn't THAT big of a price difference for my Just 4 U price, but I was still over the moon about it.
So, all total for the pantry this week:  8.86

So, all totaled I had 16.14 left out of my 25.00 for the week.  
None too shabby I'd say!  I would have bought more to make up some of the difference, but honestly I've been shopping twice a week (milk run is the second trip for the most part), so what I find on my "small" shopping trip for milk or my big shopping trip for the week is how my 25.00 gets spent (or not spent) for that week.

I was also going to use some of the remainder to buy a 25 lb bag of AP flour, but found a 5 gallon bucket full of flour in with the last of my food storage (we were following a gluten free diet for a while, so I had put it away for safe keeping).  If you would want to buy a 25 lb bag of flour at Costco or another bulk store it really is not bad at all (8.00 and something was the price when we went to Costco last week).

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