Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rebuilding a Pantry on 25.00 per week: Week 6

So, this week's 25.00 toward my pantry rebuild project went toward:
  • 6 Pack Massel Beef Bouillon
  • 1 can Bird's Custard Powder
  • 1 container of wet wipes (5.00 on 5.00 Fridays at Carrs)
  • 1 package Fruitables juice boxes (free with Just 4 U coupon)
  • 1 box Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits (free with Just 4 U coupon)
  • 1 package of Ortega Taco Shells 1.57 (Just 4 U personalized price).    
The boullion:  I got my six tins for 13.57.  It's a bit higher now, but still worth it.

Yes, I consider bouillon a pantry staple.  What do I use it for?  Well, a few of my favorites are adding it into water before you cook rice in it, which makes an excellent change up to plain old rice.  I also like to cook some noodles and then add the noodles to some bouillon when I'm not feeling well.  Kind of my own version of ramen noodles, but better for you (as the Massel brand of bouillon is low sodium and more allergy friendly than traditional bouillon).  If you don't want to buy tins of bouillon and don't have allergies to worry about (or aren't concerned about sodium intake), you can look for bouillon cubes or powder at your local store and such.

The Custard Powder:  I have recipes from some recipe books I love that call for custard powder, so I ordered it online.  I got a can for 5.00 with free shipping (course it shipped from Great Britain, so it took a while to get here).  I think something like this would be a great pantry staple as it doesn't take much powder to make the custard.

The Wet Wipes:  We go through a lot of wet wipes around here with the kids, so I always grab these when they are on 5.00 special.

The Fruitables and Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits:  These were free with Just 4 U Coupons I loaded on my shopping card.  Since my daughter has slowly lost a corn allergy/sensitivity she had, I figure trying her on this juice for lunches is worth a shot (especially since the Honest Kids juice pouches I have been buying her forever are now up to 6.00 and some change...she only likes the orange flavor.  Just ugh.).  The Breakfast Biscuits are going to just be used by my husband when he needs a quick breakfast for the road as my son isn't allowed NEAR them with his allergies.  Really, these are NOT normally things I'd have in my pantry, but since they were free and they ARE going in the pantry, I thought I'd include them.

The Taco Shells:  I keep at least a couple of boxes of these in the pantry, normally, for taco nights.  So, one box down. 

Total spent: 25.14

So, I still have 4.05 left over in my "overage cushion" and got an okay amount of things to go in the pantry this week.  While I love the bulk items to resupply the pantry, it does eat into a 25.00 per week budget.

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