Monday, February 9, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for week 2/9/15

There are several things to celebrate this week around here.

One:  Our tax return came in!  Which more on how I handle that soon, but it at least afforded us a bit of breathing room financially.  For me?  This is a big deal.

Two:  My friend Megan tuned me into a deal on apples (I posted about it on Facebook, so if you aren't following us on Facebook you might want to start.  I'll also be sharing any cool deals I find at the stores during the week and stuff on there) so I was able to get 2 cases of apples so cheap that I feel there must be a minor miracle involved.

Three:  Valentine's Day is this weekend.

Now, around here we don't "do" the normal Valentine's things, mainly because of my son's peanut allergy (kinda puts a downer on the holiday when every single Valentine's related treat contains peanuts).  So, I'll be making cookies and a new recipe for fudge for this weekend.  Here's hoping the kids enjoy it!

So, here's this week's menu plan.  There's a few shake ups to the norm, but nothing overly fancy.  By the way I do have some recipes from last week to share too.  Our power became possessed here, resulting in 1/2 of my house going through a strobe light effect all the time, the receptacles talking to us by making sputtering sounds, etc.  The other half of the house finally lost power, which resulted in my husband changing a main breaker for the house, that later turned out to be redundant since it wasn't on our end but our power company's end.  Turns out that a pole that directly feeds our main power pole for our block was shorting and since we were first in line of power for our road, we got to experience the wonders of it all.  It's fixed I guess that's four things to be excited about this week *laugh*.  So, I do have some back blogging to get done for last week too.

Menu Plan for Week 2/9/15
  • Monday:  Roast Chicken, Rice, Seasonal Salad (recipe coming soon)
  • Tuesday:  Chicken Noodle Soup (use carcass from roast chicken for stock.  Reserve 2 cups for Wednesday).  The husband has finally caught the cold we've been fighting around here.  Poor guy.  Recipe for super easy home made noodles coming soon too.
  • Wednesday:  Sausage "roll" with gravy (use reserved stock from Tuesday), steamed veggies and steamed pudding (this is a "one pot meal" concept that I was reading in an old cookbook and I'm intrigued to try it out).
  •  Thursday:  Shrimp Cocktail with salad (have some shrimp in the freezer I was getting decently cheap at Three Bears on sale a few weeks ago).
  • Friday:  Pancakes, bacon, eggs 
  • Saturday:  Fish and Chips (Cod was 5.00 per lb on 5.00 Friday last week, so I picked up a pack for 6.00 and some change).  This will be a rare treat as we haven't had fish and chips in a long time.
  • Sunday:  Yankee Style Beef Roast (recipe coming soon), roasted veggies, Never Fail Bread (recipe coming soon).
Breakfasts (outside of norm):

  • Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Crumb Fudge (Valentine's Day)

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