Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Some of My Favorite YouTube Channels

Behind on blogging again.  Story of my life.  Bright side, for the most part I've just been really busy around here.  I'll get more into that in a bit, but for now, I thought I would answer a question I got a while back.  

Someone left a comment on a post asking what some of my favorite channels on YouTube were, or what were my favorite things to watch online...something along those lines.  While I do have some things I like to watch on Amazon Prime video from time to time, for the most part now a days, I mainly watch YouTube.  So, I thought I would start with some of my favorite things to watch on YouTube today.  

So, here you go folks.  Some of my favorite things to do on the YouTube.

My favorite things to watch are mainly homesteading, cooking and just daily life vlogs.  Don't know why on some of them...I just find them relaxing.  Now, mind you, before everyone goes "Good Lord, all she must do is watch TV..." no, not that's not the case at all.  I actually barely watch TV during the day.  I'm too busy during the day.  But, when you have a kid that doesn't sleep and will wake the entire household if you don't keep tabs on him, you end up watching a lot of stuff to keep yourself awake.  So, that's where I found most of these channels...late a night.  But, I do admit that a few channels, like Three River's Homestead, I try to watch the day the video comes out and enjoy it as she's one of my favorite channels to watch.

In no particular order:

Three River's Homestead Trying to find inspiration on how not to waste anything?  This is the channel for you.  She also has a child with anaphylactic dairy and peanut allergies and she herself is gluten free (and on the GAPS diet sometimes) to help manage her Crohn's disease, so if you are juggling dietary restrictions and trying to figure out how to manage that, she might be a great resource to check out.

Farmhouse on Boone I follow this channel mainly for sourdough inspiration, but she's got a great channel all the same.  Her recipes are top notch (I always add instant yeast to her recipes to make them into sourdough highbred recipes to save time and sometimes I add more flour for that purpose as well, but they have all been delicious that I have made).

Seed and Sparrow Homestead. She has some of the best bread recipes that aren't sourdough around and she has some great all around recipes as well.  I also love her kids running around in the background making noise because...you know...real life *laugh*.

The Hollar Homestead I really love this family and their hard working, get-up-and-go attitude and they do a LOT.  I've actually learned quite a bit watching their channel this last year about everything from what pigs to raise (if I ever do that), how to make different recipes, how to make and cultivate compost...it's amazing how much they learn and share with others.  And their daughter is absolutely adorable and loves to help her parents, which I find so stinking cute.

Celebrating Appalachia.  This is one of my channels that I seldom miss an update when she posts up a video.  I love this family and their love for the place where they live and everything that goes along with it.  I even bought her cookbook with some of the gift cards I got at Christmas and use it quite a bit.  Her recipes are simple and delicious and she loves to garden and work the land.  Her family reminds me of my family back in PA and I have an genuine affection for the channel.

Acre Homestead. I used to watch Becky all the time, but I've found as my financial situation gets tighter, that the last thing I want to do is watch someone put together elaborate dinner parties and things.  It's not that I don't think she has a right to do that or something, don't get me wrong, but she's just in a completely different stage of financial life than I am right now and the length of her videos (a lot of them almost an hour or more) are just too long for someone like me who gets to wrestle time in minutes from the day, not hours.  So, now a days I tend to just watch her freezer cooking videos to see if she tries any new recipes that spark my interest and that's about it.  But, she's fun to watch, so I wanted to include her channel here for others to check out.

Little Mountain Ranch.  I started watching this channel as she's in a growing zone that is similar to mine and I wanted to see if I could pick up some tips on varieties of things to grow in my area.  She cooks and does other stuff, of course, and that has me going back to see what her and her family are up to.  It's a fun channel and I enjoy it.

Sarah Terese Co. Sarah Terese's energy is infectious and she's actually been a good motivating channel for me when it comes to detail cleaning things as she's kind of type A when it comes to being neat and tidy.  It is good for me as I tend to go for big messes first and will overlook the minutia in the cleaning department.

nyangsoop.  This is one of my favorite "happy place" channels.  It is a Korean vlog of a gal who lives in the Korean countryside and her interior decorating is absolutely gorgeous.  I love how warm her house is (lots of wood), how pretty her scenery is and her cat Taco is a cutie.  It is a nice laid back channel to watch.  She doesn't update too often, but when she does (and as soon as she gets the subtitles working in English, which sometimes takes a couple of days) I watch the video immediately.  It is truly one my favorite spaces on YouTube.

Nami's Life.  A Japanese vlogger I subscribe to, who has a really nice, laid back channel.  I enjoy her videos for sure and have picked up a lot of ideas for Japanese cooking from her as well.

Cecilia Blomdohl. Ever wondered what life was like on Svalbard, an island close to the North Pole?  Well, now you don't have to wonder!  I love this channel for her eye for photography and scenery, her love for the outdoors and her cozy cabin and life.  I also love to compare what she pays for groceries compared to us to see what the differences are (oddly enough, not too far off in some cases) and also watching someone who understands what it is like for the grocery store to be out of a bunch of things when the plane or the boat is late *laugh*.

Choki. A vlog about a Japanese woman and the life of her and her cats.  I love her cozy interior decorating vibe and she's another channel that I've picked up a bit of Japanese cooking from.  I want to try her recipe for Japanese milk bread one of these days.

Imamu Room I started watching this channel for the bento boxes she would put together for her husband, but have stayed because the family is cute the way they interact with each other and her way of vlogging is funny and real.  

Townsends. I've learned a lot about the 18th Century through this channel over the years and 18th Century Cooking is still one of my favorite things to binge watch on YouTube when Alvah isn't sleeping.  I'm hoping I can learn more about cooking over open fire and on wood stoves through the channel in case of situations where it will be needed *laugh*.

And a few others:

Moomin Official.  I absolutely LOVE the Moomins!!!  I linked to the Official Moomin Channel for the sake of simplicity, but I tend to watch the straight playlists of the 90's Moomin anime on YouTube that others have posted up (they have a playlist of the Moomins 90's Full Episodes and Compilations on the Official channel to start with, though...I just prefer a straight playlist without the Compilations part).  I watch the Moomins a lot and watch them quite a bit.

Lofi Girl. I listen to Lofi girl a lot late at night when I'm trying to hopefully get the son to relax and go to bed.  

Vintage Music Channel. I listen to older music a lot as I appreciate it and enjoy it quite a bit.  This is the best channel I've found for great playlists that have a nice variety of music on said playlists.  Right now we are binge listening to the Vintage Spring Music Playlist and the kids and I all enjoy listening to it :).

And there you go folks.  Some of my favorite things on YouTube.  I know it is kind of a long list and in no particular order, but my son isn't feeling good today so the idea of doing alphabetical order and separating into categories just is not going to happen.  Sorry.  

Hope you find something fun or new in the list!  What are some of your favorite channels to watch?


  1. Thank you for this. These sound like awesome channels. I'm going to share on my blog because I think a lot of people would love these and I want to be able to access this post often. Have a great week!!

  2. Thank you. I have only heard of one of these - will check some out.

  3. I will check some of them out. I do already watch Cecilia on Svalbard. its one of my favourites. Others are BeFree Be Frugal, Talasbuan and Simple living Alaska.

  4. I love the Townsends! And i love Moomins but have not watched them on YouTube. Will rectify that soon :) cheers Sherry