Friday, February 3, 2023

Thrifty Thurs....errr....Friday!

So, today I thought I'd quickly share a few (well, one) thing I've found at the used stores of late that was a cool find and also a few awesome things my family gave me for Christmas that they found at the used stores.

1.  First up is a chicken shaped egg holder.  It is dated on the back with a date of 1994 and was dated by hand, which surprised me when I saw it as I assumed it was something new from like Target or something.  I bought this just because unlike my other egg holder I had taking up room in my kitchen, this one I can put up against the back of the counter standing upright and just place my rolling pin in front of it, which saves me from having a clunkier ceramic egg holder taking up space when I am not baking.  I seldom use a dozen eggs at one time for anything (I can think of two recipes that I seldom make that require that many eggs), but it is just so convenient to have the egg holder out of the way when I don't need it while baking :).  It only cost me 2.00, so it was, to me, totally worth it.

2.  Next up is the coolest cookbook I've probably ever been gifted, honestly.  My husband snagged this for me for Christmas from one of our local used stores.  I LOVE this book!  It has a ton of cool recipes in it that I'm looking forward to trying in my menu plan rotation and is laid out very well and is written in language that is easy to understand.  I believe it dates from the 40's if I remember correctly (don't have it in front of me at the moment and I'm too lazy to get up and get it *laugh*).  The best part of this book, other than the loads of awesome recipes in it?  Is the fact that this was someone's favorite recipe book and was a treasured possession (which shows in the degrading binding, which makes me handle it very carefully when I read it over and over again), and it shows.  The book is jammed full of hand written recipes written by the person and their family members and friends over the years, which are treasures in themselves.  There is even a good portion of a PET milk cookbook/pamphlet, which has been great to page through for future use.

3.  Another thing my husband got me for Christmas was a cool vintage cheese dome.  It is really neat.  You could probably fit a cupcake under it if you didn't want to use it as a cheese tray *laugh*.  When I can finally afford to buy fancy cheese again, I'm looking forward to trying it out with some brie or something, but for the time being it just has a place of honor in my kitchen for decoration more than anything :).

4.  My daughter managed to find a candle holder and a fall scented candle for me for Christmas from the used stores (She proudly stated the candle set her back .20 for a new candle and was quite thrilled at the deal she snagged.  She's definitely my kid *laugh*).  I was touched as I'm not used to getting candles as gifts and I'm normally too cheap to really buy them for myself, so it was a neat gift to get.  I found a nice place to put it on display and enjoy seeing it every time I walk by.

I don't know the cost of everything but the egg holder and the candle, obviously, but for the amount of enjoyment I've been getting out of them, I find them priceless :).

And there you go folks.  My thrifty haul from the last few months.  I hope used store shopping (or yard sale finds, for those in warmer climates) are going well for you!  Enjoy!


  1. I had that cheese holder years ago. Great for cheese balls.
    How cool on the cookbook, love it when they have handwritten things in them. All such nice gifts.

  2. That cookbook looks so cool! Great finds!
    Take care and stay well.

  3. What great gifts! And the egg holder is really cute.

    Have to chuckle at the vintage cheese dome, as that pattern was very popular when I got married--45 years ago ☺... Wedding gifts! We got Corningware (the 6 cup "tea kettle" and a casserole dish), Libby drinking glasses in various sizes, and dish towels (I think there was even a kitchen curtain, lol). Might have been other items as well. Only the casserole dish remains; I use it all the time.

    Seems strange to consider that stuff I've acquired as an adult is vintage!

    That cookbook sounds like a real treasue!

  4. I have the same cheese dome. I attached the platter to a fancy metal candle stick and sprayed it flat black. I then found a small white saucer ( I think they are used for bread oil dippimg) to put on top of the platter. Didn't want food touching paint. I use it to store my garlic cloves on it and covet with the dome. Looks cute on my counter and is functional. Daughter loved it so much , I made another for her when she recently moved out.

  5. Love that egg holder. I'd probably use it to serve deviled eggs at Easter. What a find!

  6. I do love your gifts especially the recipe book. That was an amazing find. There eggs in the shops but not always the ones I usually buy. This is because of brid flue and all poultry has to be shut up. We moan about our NHS but when I hear about the big medical bills in the USA I'm very grateful for what we have even though its not as good as it was.

  7. I love the chicken, but isn't it a deviled egg tray?

  8. I have 2 bamboo egg holders that I got from Amazon. Each one holds 6 eggs. They are very handy when baking, especially when eggs need to be at room temperature. I remember when we used to see those cheese boards with the dome cover everywhere at the thrift stores years ago. You rarely see them any more. It's funny the things you used to see time after time for years and years and then one day, you realize that there aren't those same items around but I suppose different items have the same history at the thrift stores. I know people complain about all of the "glass", meaning all of the clear glass. It seems it is multiplying. The majority of it doesn't seem to even have any type of pattern, just plain clear glass. You always seem to find the items that you need. I don't have much success anymore. Ranee (MN)