Wednesday, October 12, 2022

What's For Dinner: What We've Been Eating of Late


So, instead of posting up Menu Plans like I used to do, I thought it might be more fun for me to post up some interesting thing we’ve eaten/tried out lately instead.  So, let’s kick off the first “What’s For Dinner?” segment!

1. So, first up, I had extra cabbage to use up even after canning sauerkraut up the ying yang (I know, hard to believe, but true).  So, I was watching “Tasting History with MaxMiller” and he made this dish called Bierocks, and I was more than a little intrigued, so I decided to make them for dinner one night, seeing as how I had ground beef, cabbage and sauerkraut in the house.  Instead of his bread recipe, though, I used my Easy Sandwich Bread recipe instead and just added a few things to make the recipe closer to the Bierock recipe.  And I have to say that it turned out REALLY well, with the exception of my inability to wrap the bread around the filling well for the first couple of buns.  I ended up having to freeze about ½ of them as the recipe made a lot and I packed them into my husband’s lunch a few times as I took them out and defrosted them in the fridge, but yeah…I am definitely bookmarking the recipe to make again in the future as it was really good!

2.  I processed the two pumpkins I had to process and put the puree in the freezer in 1 cup increments, but I had 2/3 of a cup of pumpkin left over, so I decided to make Celebrating Appalachia’spumpkin roll recipe.  It was (written recipe can be found here on her blog) super easy, didn’t take a ton of ingredients and was really, REALLY tasty!  I was really happy that it was so light and fluffy compared to the pumpkin rolls I grew up with in PA as those were so rich I had a hard time getting through an entire piece without my stomach telling me “no” *laugh*.

3. I found one lowly jar of raspberries in syrup that I had stored in the freezer last year.  I had already finished canning, so I tried to think of what I could use the raspberries for.  I decided, on a spur of the moment type of thing, to make them into sweet rolls.  I took the raspberries, thawed them, drained them (saved the juice and the daughter and I drank it with lemonade…so good!), mashed them, cooked them down with some brown sugar, cinnamon and a few spices and then rolled them up into giant sweet rolls.  I ended up putting cream cheese frosting on 2/3 and put buttercream on 1/3 (the daughter isn’t a huge fan of cream cheese anything, although surprisingly she did like the pumpkin roll).  They turned out well, but are filling, so I ended up freezing some of them to defrost for breakfasts in the coming months. 

4.  I tweak my quick sandwich bread recipe to make into rolls or sweet rolls (depending on how much sugar and things I add) and I really wanted cinnamon rolls one day.  So, I made 1/2 of the recipe into cinnamon rolls and 1/2 into dinner rolls to eat with chicken one night.  I will not say how many of the cinnamon rolls I ate, but I may have eaten roughly my body’s weight in them *laugh*.  I put cream cheese frosting on the cinnamon rolls, so that helps ;).  The regular rolls were good and we not only ate them with dinner one night, but the husband took them in his lunch a few times and the daughter carefully broke a few into very small pieces to chew for breakfast the last week.  Nothing had to be frozen or went to waste on that little venture :).

5.  We had left over beef roast that I had to do something with in the fridge, so I took it and ran it through our meat slicer (it was not the most tender cut of beef straight from the oven, unfortunately) to thin slice it.  I then made a batch of sandwich rolls (the son ended up eating half of them since one recipe makes 8 *laugh*) and we had French Dips later in the week to use up the roast beef (no pic of the sandwiches, as I forgot to take them, but enjoy the picture of the rolls instead :).

Those are probably the most creative things I’ve done the last little bit.  I know most of them were sweets this time, but I will share these posts when I have enough things to share *laugh*.  How about you?  Eaten anything interesting lately?


  1. Well now I am hungry. Gosh everything looks and sounds so good. You are impressive!

  2. I grew up eating Bierocks-my maternal grandmother's family are Germans from Russia. I don't eat beef anymore, but I love Bierocks with ground Turkey, onions, and sauerkraut. One of my favorite memories is making them for my husband and me to eat when we flew to Florida-we ended up eating them BEFORE the flight, in the airport, as they are so yummy 😂

  3. Also, your YouTube guy really messed up the pronunciation of Bierock. It's probably not super important, but I like to do and say things correctly. My family kind of says it like "biddoak" but here's the actual pronunciation

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. It is always a good feeling to take a leftover food and find an innovative way of using it that the family actually likes eating!

  5. Here in Nebraska there is a fast food restaurant called Runza and they make, bierocks/Runzas. Ground beef, cabbage and onions, lots of pepper. They are more long than square or round. I make them in the winter and flash freeze for lunches.
    I'm doing a pantry challenge right now and trying to use up odds and ends from the freezer. Yesterday I made chili soup and chicken noodle for supper and lunches this week. I added an old bag of butternut squash cubes to the chicken noodle. Didn't add much in taste but did thicken it a bit more. I also made banana muffins from some getting too black bananas. And 2 apple pies from some gifted local apples. I'm hoping other than some dairy and lettuce, I shouldn't have to go to the store for several weeks.

  6. I always enjoy reading your posts. Wow, such yummy things you've been making! You inspire me to go look for gluten free alternatives. Which I need to do b/c I easily get stuck in a rut of eating pretty much the same things over and over, since I am limited in the foods I can eat. But I love it when I get the creative bug and try new things. Thanks for the culinary inspiration!

  7. hope you are all well - it has been a couple weeks since a post!

  8. I have the same concern as Cheryl as it has been over a month since your last post. I hope you are well and just busy with Winter having moved into Alaska already. We have had our first snow here in Minnesota but it is only about an inch or so. I'm sure there is more to come. Take care. Ranee (MN)