Saturday, December 5, 2020

Monthly Goals: December, 2020

 I was kind of worried doing monthly goals this late in the month and then looked at the calendar and realized that it's only the 5th.  So, really, I'm not doing too bad.  Go me!

Of course, it being December there's a lot going on this month.  We still haven't gotten Christmas cookies started.  The son's eczema went nuts the last bit and he's not sleeping again and so neither are the rest of us.  I really feel for my husband who gets up at 4am on work days to be into work on time, so with the son going to sleep late and then being up at different points in the poor husband isn't getting much sleep at all.  I'm at least functional...for the most part...despite not getting much sleep.  

When it comes to goals, it's a miracle I finally settled on a certain list.  Some goals got nixed from my original list.  Like I was going to make a gingerbread house again this year, but the cost just wasn't in the cards this year.  I'd rather save that money for regular grocery shopping or, in the least, to use the money to make gingerbread cookies for the family to eat instead.  The daughter was a bit disappointed, but agreed that making cookies to eat was a better option and would definitely work better for the son (gingerbread cookies are his favorite and he'll actually eat them versus just eating the sprinkles or the frosting off the top of the cookies).

So, anyway, lets get to the goals for this month. 

Goals for December 2020

1.  Divide up what is left of the Thanksgiving turkey and the cranberry relish and freeze (done).  I'm thinking I'll be able to get quite a few meals out of the turkey with how much we had left over, so that was an upper.

2.  Paint master bedroom.  I would LOVE to get this accomplished as it is the last official room I have to repair and paint and fix the earthquake damage (all that is left is the stairwell and the downstairs hallway after that, which is all going to be white), but I'm not sure if it is going to get done.  We'll see how the month goes.

3.  Dig out the little bits of sprinkles from the cupboards to use on the Christmas cookies (trying to save money by using up what we have).

4.  Read "The Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits" to the kids.  We've already started this since the story begins December 1st.  The daughter loved this story so much last year and Alvah seems to really enjoy it to, that I'm seeing it becoming a Christmastime tradition.

5.  Make skirts for the daughter and put them under the tree.

6.  Make son a new scarf (I don't have yarn right now, so it'll probably have to be flannel that I sew together) for warmer weather.

7.  Make husband a few new tool rolls out of old torn jeans (this is an experiment on my part, so hopefully it turns out).

8.  Make Christmas cookies with the kids.

9.  Work on getting back to menu planning.

10.  Work on getting the den cleaned out and organized (one day I'll get this done, I swear).

And there you go folks.  It's not a long list, but still a ton to do.  How about you?  Got anything you need to get done this month?


  1. You could add food coloring to sugar to use on cookies if your Son can eat it.
    I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

  2. I had to change my diet due to health and took the suggestion my daughter gave me to add sides that reflect what I need to eat. I do monthly goals and yearly goals

  3. I need to do the usual Christmas things: baking, wrapping and cards. I looked for my cards last night and remembered I used every last one of them last year. So today I went to Dollar General and found their cards were 50% off! I got 6 boxes of 32 cards each for $1.50 a box! They are not huge, beautiful cards, but most people just read and toss them after the season anyway.
    Friday I am taking a day off from work and will stay home and wrap the gifts. I need to get the stockings out of the storage room and put them up. The tree is up and the wreaths and outside decorations. I probably won't do too much more inside. I got some buffalo plaid throw pillows and a new plaid runner for the kitchen table. We are fine with it and with the Little grandchildren (ages 4 and under), it's probably for the best.
    I will bake on the 19th and we'll call it Christmas!