Thursday, October 8, 2020

Monthly Goals: October, 2020

The weather is getting colder every day here.  So far we've been barely above freezing at night, but this weekend it is supposed to start dipping into the freezing category.  So, it is time to start hunkering down and preparing for winter.  

This year I finally broke down and invested in some measures to help us insulate the windows and doors a bit better from cold breezes and things.  We've definitely noticed this year how badly some of the windows got shaken in the earthquake.  They were probably close to the best windows you could buy when they were installed.  Back in the early 80's.  Unfortunately, after the earthquake and just how old they are, we have windows that have gotten loose and lost their seals and as a result are just going to leak heat like nobody's business.  So, some of the goals I have this month are going to be centered around getting some insulation measures installed to hopefully help keep my heating bills down a bit this winter.  

I have accomplished a lot so far this month.  My husband has been getting on me to take better care of myself and to start getting health appointments out of the way.  So, despite the nerves and downright panic attack inducing levels of anxiety, I made myself a dental appointment for tomorrow for the first time in years.  To say I'm nervous about going is a vast understatement as I've had bad teeth since I was a kid (weak enamel combined with bad advice from my dad's dentist to brush more and I've had just continual fillings since I was like 12) and I just got my last dental bill paid off about a year ago.  So, yeah, I'm a yellow bellied coward when it comes to going to the dentist.  I'll admit it.  I'm also seeing a new dentist, one who works with our insurance and gives us a really good deal on procedures, so we'll see how it all goes.  Wish me luck there.

I also went and got my eyes tested this week as my glasses I bought just a couple of years ago, the frames aren't holding up well and I've been having problems reading more and more and getting eyestrain headaches.  So, I found out that my eyes had gotten worse (shocking, I tell you) and I decided after a lot of debate to get bifocals.  I was even able to get a good deal on progressive bifocals so I don't end up with the line through my glasses, which would drive me nuts.  Hopefully the new glasses work well and I stop getting so much eyestrain.

I got the speech therapy class for LAMP done already as well and have been spending a lot of days digging up speech therapy materials to start the son on next quarter (starts next week).  I laminated sheets, dug up old binders to use to sort and organize things, started to get learning materials for next quarter worked's been crazy busy on the home school front.

So, yeah, anyway, let's get down to the list of goals for this month before I walk through them all *laugh*.

Monthly Goals for October, 2020

Household/Organizing Goals:
  • Use insulation kits to insulate windows.
  • Put insulation strip under the garage doors and figure out what needs to be done to insulate around the garage doors.
  • Continue to reorganize kitchen (getting there ever, EVER so slowly)
  • Get den cleaned up
  • Start to reorganize bedroom so I can hopefully get it painted in the next couple of months (here's hoping as I really need the bedroom reorganized so I can fit the Christmas tree in the den somewhere!
  • Start to organize folders better (I need to start getting things better organized so I can find things easier)
  • Work on getting freezers organized a bit better to try and free up some space to put up lunches for the husband to grab (I am determined to cut down on spending this winter and hopefully keep from accumulating more debt, or, better yet, to hopefully pay off some debt as well).

Homeschool Goals:
  • Get a blog post together on the first quarter work we've done (I want to share some of the things that have worked for us and what we are doing around here to hopefully help others).
  • Start speech therapy activities in earnest with the son (here's hoping I can do this!)
  • Start making some personalized worksheets with LAMP icon sequences built into them to work into schoolwork (getting everything done that I need to get done with speech therapy has been a constant race of late to try and get as many ducks in a row as possible.  I've been insanely busy of late).
  • Find good places to put up laminated sheets detailing activity sequences with LAMP ties in in different rooms (I found ones that go in the kitchen, bedroom, by the door for when you go someplace and in the bathroom, so I want to get those hung up).
  • Make Halloween craft with the kids (more on that a bit later if it turns out)
  • Finalize plans on crafts to do for Thanksgiving (I'm planning a bunch of pioneer types of activities for the kids to do for fun.  I'm really looking forward to it!).
  • Get work samples in for both kids this weekend (they are due next week).
  • Figure out grades for both kids for quarter and get those submitted to the homeschool
  • Go to speech therapy appointment at the end of the month to touch base with the homeschool speech therapist.
Diet Goals:
  • Continue on diet and keep my calorie counts at or below what "Lose It" tells me I should be at.  Drink plenty of water (so far I've completely given up everything but coffee in my diet, otherwise I'm just drinking water, so I think I'm doing okay so far :).

Gift Giving Goals:
  • Get the rest of the husband's Christmas gifts in and get them hidden well (he's terrible about being able to just stumble across gifts you get him and inadvertently ruin the surprise).  
  • Get two gifts planned for husband made.  I was able to do check this one off this week.  Shutterfly had a code for 50% off plus free shipping on most of their stuff.  I did the math and found that the 50% off code plus the free shipping actually saved me more money then waiting for a free item code and having to pay the shipping on the item (shipping to Alaska isn't cheap what can I say).  I had spent months trying to find what my husband wanted in the way of a couple of coffee mugs with some of his favorite things on them, but I couldn't find anything even close.  So, I just made the mugs instead.  Hopefully they turned out okay (they got shipped, but won't be in until next week).
  • Make skirts for the daughter.  I want to make her one for each day of the week for Christmas as she loves to wear skirts (unlike me *laugh*), but this is going to hinge on me getting the den cleaned up and being able to access my sewing machine (which is currently buried under stuff *sigh*).
  • Continue to try and figure out what to make for the son for Christmas.
Paperwork Goals:
  • Get phone interview with Department of Disabilities out of the way (for the son's TEFRA renewal)
  • Keep on top of insurance paperwork
  • Organize paperwork that have filled out so far for 2020 (I have it just kind of piled right now)
And there you go folks.  Some of my goals for this month.  Unfortunately, it seems like things keep coming up and I end up having to add more and more to my goals list, so we'll see how long it grows to in the weeks to come.  How about you?  Getting ready for winter?  Up to anything around your place?


  1. My ex in laws once said it was almost cheaper for them to fly down to the 48 to get something and fly back than it was to pay shipping. My cousin said the same when he was in Fairbanks.

    Sounds like you have a great list and a positive attitude with maybe needing a little support of dentist fears.
    Blessed Be

  2. I hope your dentist appointment goes well and you get a sticker for no cavities LOL!

    I also feel like I'm racing winter's approach with too many projects either started or on deck: waterproofing the basement bulkhead stairwell, getting a second coat of teak oil on the outdoor table, painting a baker's storage rack that was a freebie on the side of the road, finish insulating the basement sills, etc. YIKES!

    You sound so energized about the homeschooling work....and a little overwhelmed but how cool to be so into this.


  3. I just had dental treatment too and I hate it as well. I forgot how much there is to do when home educating but I had more energy then. Fewer goals now. Went foraging on my walk and picked up loads of windfall apples. Sat and prepared them while watching tv and they will go in the freezer. I hope your dental work goes ok.

  4. I cringe during dental cleanings so the hygienist numbed my gums with a device that did not use needles. It helped immensely! No more wincing.

  5. I hope that dental appointment went well. I also absolutely do not enjoy the dentist, and I get the anxiety part. thankfully, I can go to the same dentist office as I have since I was a teen--now I just see the young doctor (my dentist's son), and he is gentle like his father. Whew!!!! I was nervous to see someone new, since I had to when I wasn't living in the area and they were NOT THE SAME! I hope yours is as gentle as mine turned out to be.