Monday, August 31, 2020

Shopping Goals: September 2020

 I know this is a day early, but hey, better a day early than late right?  I'll take accomplishments where I can get them right now ;).  And note to self:  Update the pantry photo *laugh*.

Well, it has been a while since I've done one of these posts. Luckily, now that schoolwork is underway with the kids and we're getting into the groove, doing blog posts seems to be a bit easier as I can type them out as the daughter is working on other things.

When it comes to shopping goals, it's been kind of difficult to form a definitive “plan” of what to get or buy with how weird the supply lines have gotten.  Luckily, when it comes to school supplies, I'm pretty well stocked as I bought supplies in bulk for the kids' extensive school supply lists for public school. So, I have a huge box of glue sticks, a box of water color sets and other things for the kids to use as we need them throughout the school year this year. So, it's nice to have that savings, especially right now :).

Shopping goals this month might as well be titled "I can't find this stuff in the local stores and if I can I can't get enough to fill in the holes in my pantry" as most of it is just stuff I am ordering from Amazon. 

So, without further ado, let's get to it!

Shopping Goals: September 2020

Regular Stores (only IF the garden fails to produce a decent amount on the produce end as I do plan to harvest this month):

  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Cooking Oil (if I can't find a good enough deal locally, I'll order some from Amazon instead) (no associate links follow, I'm just sharing the links):

  • Rice a Roni, 12 pack (I got mine for less than 1.00 per box when I ordered it): I like to keep some boxes of this around and we finally ate the last box I bought years ago, so I want to get some more for the pantry. We'll eat it per package directions, or I can use the rice and pasta mix to make other dishes without the flavor packet (which I have done in the past :). I paid for this with credit card rewards.
  • Barilla Thin Spaghetti Pasta, 20 Pack: I have been having a hard time finding more than a couple of boxes of pasta at a time at the store and I like to keep a year's supply of pasta around at one time (if I can) as we eat pasta a lot with the son. I couldn't find angel hair pasta (the son's favorite), so I ended up ordering thin spaghetti instead. I was able to score a 20 pack for  1.00 per box of pasta, which will get me right near my goal of how many boxes of pasta I wanted to keep in the pantry and at a WAY better price point than I can find at the store right now. I paid for this with credit card rewards.
  • Libby Canned Beets, 12 pack (No longer available on Amazon). I got the 12 pack for cheap (like 10.00 for the case) and already got it in the mail, but it is going to count against next month's shopping budget.
  • Seventh Generation Professional Glass & Surface Cleaner Refill, Free & Clear, Unscented, 128 fl oz (Pack of 2). I needed cleaners and couldn't find much at the store, so I ordered these as for a two pack it was around 20.00. I'll refill my spray bottles with them.

All of the above items are already ordered (in some cases they were back ordered and finally shipped this week) and will be in after September 1st so I just counted them on next month's shopping.

And there you go folks. My shopping goals for this month. How about you? Got anything you are buying this month?s is one day early, but hey, better early than late at this point ;).

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