Sunday, May 3, 2020

Monthly Goals: May, 2020

Wow.  This is something I haven't done in quite a while if the auto fill for the photos on this post was any indication.  Whoops.  Luckily, one of my goals for this summer is to get more organized, so hopefully I'll be able to get back into the "writing down goals" frame of mind!

When it comes to goals this month, I have a ton to do, so writing it down will hopefully make it more manageable in my mind to get things done :).

So, without further ado, here is my goals list for the month!

Household Goals:
  • Paint kitchen and maybe a child's bedroom (I'm hoping the kitchen will go pretty quick since the space is so small).  I'm looking forward to this goal so I can feel like I'm getting some things accomplished around here.
  • Get freezers organized super well and fill with meat where needed (or if possible).
  • Drop huge amount of cardboard and paper bags that have accumulated over...a long the recycling center.  
  • Continue to go through pantry and freezers and use up things that are old and need to be used up.
  • Continue to organize pantry so everything is easy to find and well organized.
  • Clean out den and stack up boxes that are currently in the garage in the corner to get them out of the way of everything the husband is trying to do :).
  • Try to find a good spot to set up new kitchen cart in kitchen as I could sure use the room if I can figure out where to put it.
  • Clean the camper and shampoo the interior (I need a good, warm and dry spell of a couple of days at least to get that done so it can dry completely).  We are hoping to at least camp out in said camper this summer.  It might only be in our driveway, but we have to start somewhere to see how the son would take sleeping in a bed that isn't his own at his age.
  • Sit down and plan menu for the next month, tentatively (I want to make sure I have some wiggle room for sudden changes in the plan).
  • Clean out fridge and clean shelves (it needs it).
  • Deep clean microwave (that needs it to).

Sewing Goals:

  • Sew more masks for the family and hopefully make extras for my husband to bring into work for the essential employees there that might need them.
  • Sew reusable coffee filters (not only are coffee filters hard to come by at the moment since people are using them to make masks, but I figure not having to spend money on them if I can help it would not be a bad thing).
  • Make some new skirts for the daughter (she outgrew a few of hers).
  • Make new throw pillows for love seat (the ones that are on there right now are pretty much flat and starting to suffer).

Garden Goals:

  • Continue to harvest lettuce from the Aerogarden
  • Till the garden area by the house so that I can plant things (it's been a few years and the grass has been REALLY happy with the situation).
  • Find containers around the homestead to plant seeds in and start to plan out the container garden for the deck.
  • Research online to find a good soil to get for the container garden (I want to get some hopefully lighter soil to plant in the containers so that the deck doesn't end up bearing too much of a load...I baby things since the earthquake).
  • Hopefully get the garden started in various areas.

Homeschool Goals (yup, I have some)

  • Finish up school year for this year (nearly done!)
  • Start planning individual learning plans for next year (already started)
  • Dig out books that we have around the house that I can use for Alvah's learning plan (working on that, but have a good start)
  • Figure out list of books and materials that we will need before school starts in the fall and be prepared to purchase for reimbursement in July (already started on that as I want to get started with all my ducks in a row as soon as school starts next year)
  • Buy what materials I can through the virtual Curriculum Fair the homeschool is putting on this year (already accomplished.  I managed to get the daughter's boxed curriculum for "Moving Beyond the Page" through the fair and will be able to get it with free shipping.  For Alaska? That's HUGE!  Awesome deal :).
  • Start going through the books I found for Alvah's lesson plan and start making worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc to go with them (I have a set plan of what I want to do to help him get across how much he knows to me, so getting ready for the next school year is pretty much going to take me all summer, I think...I have a lot of work to do).

And there you go folks.  Some of the goals I have for the coming month.  I have a lot of work to do, so here's hoping I can get some of it accomplished :).

How about you?  What's on your list for this month?


  1. you could just Buy a reusable coffee filter, cloth right now is hard to find. PLUS they do need washed and they don't last forever. We have had our reusable filter for 5 yrs. Just make sure it fits your style of coffee pot. When Son 2 bought us a Bunn coffee maker as a gift he bought a case of filters as the usable one won't fit...too tall. Still using the case of Bunn filters ... 3 yrs later LOL

  2. I read online you can use those blue shop towels (from an auto or home improvement store) as a filter for masks to and to make homemade disinfecting wipes.

  3. I live in Fairbanks, just so you know I understand your gardening season. Anyway, for my pots I buy potting soil and then a bag of perlite or vermiculite and use about 2/3 parts soil and one part perlite. A large bag of perlite goes a long way. This makes potting soil less dense and water passes through easier. If I have to use a pot that is really too big for my planned vegetable, I fill the bottom half with that packing popcorn that drives me nuts when it comes in a box because it gets all over. Put the popcorn in a plastic sack and tie it securely shut so it cannot escape; if it does, it will migrate throughout the soil and you'll never get rid of it. The other option I have used is plastic pop or water bottles, empty and allowed to dry out before putting the cap back on. You can fill the bottom of a large pot with them and then pour potting soil over it. It will be much lighter than one filled with potting soil.

  4. I'm starting to get concerned since you haven't posted for 20 days. Hopefully you are just busy finishing up school with the kids and everyone is doing good. I hope you are not dealing with any of the flooding that has been happening in Alaska. Thinking of you and your family and hope all is well. Ranee (MN)