Monday, March 16, 2020

What's for Dinner: This Week's Menu

I had planned on sharing this post earlier tonight.  And then Alvah took a pretty good fall and was really having a rough time breathing afterwards.  Since he can't tell us what is wrong or where it hurts, the husband and I immediately got everyone into the truck and we took him to urgent care.  Bright side, the doctor is pretty sure nothing was broken (he's just bruised up a bit) and Alvah really liked the doctor and was really good for him, which was a big relief for us on a bunch of different levels.  It was really nice seeing a doctor talking directly to Alvah, explaining what he was going to do to him and asking him permission to do things instead of talking around him.  Alvah, I could tell, was really happy about that and was more than willing to work with the doctor after he did that.  But, yeah, it was an eventful evening for sure.

On the food front lately we've had some rather neat dishes that I made.  I finally got to making Konigsberger Klopse and my husband absolutely fell in love with it.  It was pretty good.  It is hard to describe the flavor of the dish as it's kind of complex and unique, but it was good.  Definitely not something I'd make every day as it is not a cheap dish to make (although it makes a TON if you use the recipe I linked to), but it is definitely going into the "keep it" category of recipes.

One recipe I've made several times in the last month that I really love, is composed of decently simple ingredients and is pretty cheap to make is Easy Shrimp Scampi.  I usually make it with about a pound of pasta and we have enough for at least two meals, which is always nice.

So, anyway, let's get to the menu plan for this week...

Monday:  Chicken Noodle Soup and Bread (I used up what was left of a rotisserie chicken, an onion past its prime, some frozen carrots and pieces of my celery that were getting kind of limp to make the soup and then I made home made noodles to put into it.  Worked well!) 
Tuesday:  Lamb chops (freezer), mashed potatoes, salad  
Wednesday:  Easy Pad Thai  (I'm definitely going to have to mess with the recipe a bit as we don't have things like fresh green onions right at the moment, or fresh cilantro, sooooo I'll have to make do with what I have :) with chicken as the meat and maybe frozen peas or a few Asian style veggies cooked up in the Pad Thai. 
Thursday:  Beans and Kielbasa with Rice (I have a thing of kielbasa in the freezer I have to use up). 
Friday:  Free pizza and home made bread sticks (may the free pizzas be decent tasting!) 
Saturday:  Breakfast Dinner (maybe waffles or Swedish pancakes...still deciding) 
Sunday:  Beef teriyaki, rice, edamame.

Breakfasts:  Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, English muffins, items in the freezer (see, the photo up top DOES make sense *laugh*).

Desserts:  Left over cherry pie (in fridge), home made ice cream (choice of strawberry, chocolate or chocolate chip in the freezer...I've been busy what can I say), cake (defrost from freezer and figure out icing and filling).

Snacks of Consequence:  Celery chunks with free hummus (currently sitting on a plate in the fridge for people to just take out, dip and graze as needed), crackers and tid bits of cheese (which I am going to do another plate for the cheese in the fridge so people can graze as they get hungry).

And there you go all.  Our menu plan for the week.  How about you?  Trying anything good while you are at home the next week?


  1. My husband braves the grocery store in the mornings, early. It's nuts out there! Luckily we have some stockpiled stuff. And fresh produce doesn't seem to be too hard to get. I'm doing more baking, for sure--I think a lot of people are, out of comfort--but sticking to bread, not cakes or cookies, as my husband and I don't eat those, and for the kids, they shouldn't have those all the time. I make plain yeast bread, and today I'll make Irish soda bread and we'll have that with beef stew. We keep snack packs of pudding around for the kids' desserts, and once a week buy a bakery treat for them. I keep apples and bananas and oranges around for snacks, and baby carrots are a favorite of my youngest. If I put a bowl of them by him while he's doing schoolwork he'll nibble on them.

  2. So glad that Alvah is ok and that he had a good experience with the doctor. I had to look up the meatball dish, had never heard of it. Thanks for posting your meal plan, it's always nice to have some inspiration. Praying that the Port here in Seattle keeps on schedule so the supplies keep coming to Alaska. The grocery stores here have many empty shelves. It's scary. I've had to be at the store at opening to get things like milk, hamburger, paper towels.

  3. I'm glad Alvah is ok and had a good experience with the doctor. I got a meal planner recipe book in the charity shop and am doing a pasta and sausage meal today. The shops have run out of loads of stuff due to people panic buying and hoarding stuff. My son ran all over town and finally found calpol for his little girl as she's had a cold, not coronavirus! I like to hear what you cook but have to look things up.