Monday, March 30, 2020

Making Do Tip #2: Ways to Get Around No Yeast

So, number two on the e-mail problems I've gotten is people e-mailing me asking what to do if they can't find yeast at the store.  A lot of the people who have e-mailed me were saying that yeast is kind of gold plated right now and they can't find it anywhere and they would like to be able to bake bread for dinner.  Bright side, there are definitely options available to you if you don't have yeast.

Right, first up, if you have old yeast and you are not sure if it is good or not, before you waste it by baking a round flat disk of hard instead of bread go through this test to check if your yeast is still working or if it is indeed dead.

So, let's say your yeast is dead or that you don't have any in the house at all.  If you are in that situation, might I suggest these alternatives for you?

1.  Make Irish Soda Bread  (this doesn't even require baking powder, only baking soda, so you can conserve that precious commodity :)

2.  Make Branch Bread or some other flat bread/cracker.  There are a bunch of recipes online.  You can even make Ship's Biscuit.  Just be careful you don't break teeth on those :).

3.  Make biscuits/scones (you can find numerous recipes online for more if that recipe doesn't suit your needs)

4.  Here are some roll recipes I ran into online that I've been wanting to try to get you started as well for quick dinner roll ideas...

5,  If you have a bunch of flour you can use up to keep it going make a sourdough starter and you'll have as much leavening as you need so long as you keep the starter fed and alive.

So there you go folks.  If you don't have yeast, just get creative :).  You'd be surprised how many recipes out there don't call for yeast if you are willing to look for them.

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  1. Beer bread is another one to bake. Lots of recipes can be found for it.One can of beer for a loaf of bread.